1939 Luger Serial Numbers

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Original WWII Mauser 42 Code 1939 dated Luger Product Description Original WWII Mauser 42 Code Luger dated 1939 Luger production in Germany has an interesting and varied history. WWI military Lugers were produced by two companies, the Imperial Erfurt Armory and the Deutsche Waffen- ind Munitionsfabriken or DWM. DWM was the original producer of the Luger pistol and was a conglomerate of different factories producing ammunition, powered and firearms. At the end of WWI, with the punitive Versailles Treaty in place and the Inter Allied Military Control Commission established to administer the arms restrictions imposed by the treaty, the Imperial Erfurt Armory closed its doors for good.

Download Lagu Jepang Slow Yang Enak Didengar here. DWM, as the original Luger manufacturer and one of the largest producers of military weapons for the Germans during WWI, was penalized by the Control Commission in 1921 when the Commission selected the Simson firm based in Suhl to produce and rework all Luger pistols needed for the German police forces and the significantly smaller German Army. DWM was not forced out of business, however, but was restricted to producing Lugers only for the commercial market and then only with Lugers that had a maximum caliber of 7.65mm and a barrel length less than 100mm.

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