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Sonar X3 Tutorial Videos

How to use sonar x3 producer Hi, I've been using sonar producer for years, and have recently managed to get x3 installed (upgraded from 8.5) - at least the 32bit version - it's taken me 3 months and a new computer to get even this done. I downloaded x3 so do not have a manual (I have stacks of manuals from previous versions of sonar). I'm finding it very difficult to work with x3: in particular audio editing - I like to do a lot of trimming and splitting and moving of audio tracks (to piece together a vocal track from multiple takes). Mediafire Garry's Mod Kostenlose Maps Runterladen. There's a button with a star on it - I can't figure out how this works. It's turning out to be very time-consuming to do what I use to do quickly in 8.5 - I now have to constantly move back and forth between different buttons (a different button to move clips from the one to trim them, for example!). Is there any resource out there (for users of previous versions of sonar) to get them up to speed on the new version - or has the software been so radically redesigned you really need to go back to the learning drawing board from scratch? I've been through the videos that came with the download version - maybe I've always used sonar differently to other users, but these either address the minutiae of functions/tasks I never use in sonar, or are aimed at non-musicians (this is a guitar/microphone and you plug it in and play it/sing into it).

I guess what I'm saying/asking is there anything that's really good out there, from the point of view of a professional recording musician (but not a computer buff) who wants to get the most out of the software? Drivers Ecm 2001 Toyota on this page. I've always loved cakewalk's softsynths (although a pity some of them disappear as newer versions of sonar get released) and doing MIDI recording in sonar. But I've always wondered what a lot of the buttons and 'views' are for and how they might allow me to improve what I do (record and release children's music in conjunction with a tv show I make). If there's anyone out there in sonar/cakewalk land (maybe someone who believes recording software is for musicians rather the software is there to turn musicians into computer experts) with a similar mindset to me who might be able to offer some advice/point me in the right direction that would be great. I wish I could of more help to you since there are so many more people here that can be of better service to you than I could possibly hope to be. The reason that I am posting in your thread is because In can feel where you are coming from empathetically.

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In October I went from using SONAR 6 PE 32 bit on XP to X3 e PE on a Win 8 64 bit laptop and it has been somewhat frustrating for me learning a totally new work flow. It is like somebody handed me my guitar and they decided to turn the thing in to a lefty with out telling me anyway, a few friends that I have know here for years have tried to give me a heads up and let me know that I would be scratching my head trying to figure things out. I have to admit they were right not a day goes by where I don't feel an little frustrated and angry about having to change everything and relearn everything I thought I knew. The truth is I'm still up to my eyeballs in X3 learning curve I'm gonna kick it straight with you man and let the chips fall where they may it might not be a bad idea for you to step back a little and give yourself a chance to absorb what you can in small doses when dealing with the X 3 learning curve. If you got work to do that's making you money stick with what you know to handle your business and learn the new thing on the side have you tried opening up one of your SONAR 8 projects in X 3 yet?