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Canadian actor, known to legions of fans as Gilbert Blythe in the CBC version of ',' died April 15 of a reported brain hemorrhage. Crombie was plucked from relative obscurity to play Blythe in the CBC miniseries, based on the novels by, which launched in 1985 and starred as the titular orphan. He reprised the part in 1987 for the ' TV movie, in 1992 on the spinoff series ',' and in 2000 for another movie, '.' In addition to that iconic role, Crombie was a well-known stage and improv performer, especially in his native Canada, and he also starred in a Broadway staging of the musical 'The Drowsy Chaperone' in 2006. His most recent television credit was a guest-starring role this year on CBS drama '.'

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, the producer of the 'Anne' miniseries and movies, » • • • 19 April 2015 •. A royal rumble’s brewing this week in ’s France, with ’ Queen Catherine scrambling to make sure her misdeeds from the pilot stay untraceable. There’s deceit. There’s ruthlessness. There’s putting one’s survival about everything else. For acolytes of the 1980s TV-movie adaptation of * — Follows’ best-known work — we’re a long way from sunbursts and marble halls.

And the actress jokes that Prince Francis’ manipulative mom may not be so different from, after all. “Sometimes, mean people come in nice-looking, sweet packages,” she says with a laugh. “Listen, » • • • 08 March 2011 • by Joanna Robinson • Pajiba. As you've likely heard by now, today is International Women's Day. In fact, it's the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. Perhaps I haven't been clued in enough in past years but this is the first I remember hearing of it.

So I dutifully trundled over to Wikipedia to stuff my brain with facts (ya know, for any future trivial and competitive pursuits) and found out that International Women's Day was originally called International Working Women's Day. The day (which has, as Wikipedia notes, lost the labor association and is now some sort of Valentine's and Mother's Day hybrid) was meant to celebrate women in the workforce and shed some light on the poor working conditions of the Industrial Revolution. It doesn't need to be International Women's Day in order for me to bemoan the lack of strong female characters in film and television (getting better all the time), or, » • •. Atn Iptv Hack there.