Barcelona City Map Pdf

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Marketing Director/Founder Hailing from Germany, Christian has been an avid tourism enthusiast for many years. Says Christian about his early appreciation of the travel industry, “Looking back to when my passion for traveling was developed, I think this must have been in my early childhood. My parents always used to travel with me and my siblings by caravan and tent into a neighboring European country Eventually this lead me to study tourism management in Germany and the UK Implementing at least some elements of this experience in a mass tourist destination like Barcelona is one of the aims of our activity.” As an active outdoor enthusiast, Christian is an avid biker. He has completed treks around many destinations including cycling across the entire country of New Zealand. Dreamcast Iso Torrent on this page.

Maps of Barcelona, including the Barcelona Metro Map, Barcelona Bus Map, City Map and the tourist bus route map for easy navigation around the city. Barcelona maps Street maps Barcelona city centre, PDF printable maps Barcelona, PDF metro map Barcelona.

Barcelona City Map Pdf

He is also a die-hard football fan and enjoys playing the sport in any condition. Languages spoken: English, Spanish, German.

Senior Project Manager Franziska, originally from Munich, Bavaria, fell in love with Barcelona some years ago during her internship and finally decided to come back after finishing her studies in Augsburg. In her free time she loves to go hiking in the mountains and just being outside on the beach. She is passionate about adventurous trips to all over the world to see bustling cities, exotic places and stunning nature. When at home, she enjoys cooking with her friends, reading and learning new languages or visiting one of the many swing, jazz and rock’n’roll concerts in Barcelona. She has always a smile on her face and spreads positive energy in our office. During her former employments in the tourism sector she gained knowledge of the MICE industry, which she brings into practice in our company. “The most important thing is to love what you do – as I travel myself, I like to create unique experiences for our clients and help them the most I can to make their stay comfortable.

That way it is easy to go to work with a good mood” Languages spoken: Spanish, German, English. Senior Project Manager A native of Bavaria, globe trotter and adventurer, Sonja followed her passion for travel and exotic countries by pursuing studies in Tourism Management at Munich University. During her employment in various hotels she further deepened her knowledge of the tourism and MICE industry. She takes on special tasks supporting our external team and manages our office. On the weekends she loves recovering from turbulent agency life on hiking in the mountains of Barcelona, relaxing on the beaches of Catalunya and jamming on her flute. Languages spoken: German, English, Spanish.

Senior Project Manager Lenka, originally from Slovakia, is a very important member of our team. She is always smiling and brings positive energy to the office.

She has a “can do and want to do” attitude and she is happy to help with any problem a customer is facing. After finishing her Master of Science at Vrije Universiteit Brussels in Belgium, Lenka decided to make her dream come true and so she moved to Barcelona. Since the work is very dynamic and energetic, the best she can relax is with a good book and while cooking foreign specialties.

In her free time, she also enjoys a good wine, typical Spanish cuisine and the company of her friends. “I believe that the most important thing is to love what you do. And that for me is very easy in the travel industry when creating unforgettable experiences to people.” Languages spoken: Slovak, Czech, English, German, Spanish. Junior Project Manager Originally from Austria, Viktoria is a true enrichment for BCN Travel because of her reliability and her charming mode of communication.

She fell in love with the Spanish mentality during an internship in Mallorca, so she decided to return to Spain after studying in Vienna. Through her openness she deals respectfully and trustworthy with every customer. In her free time she uses every minute to travel and discover the world. She likes to do sports like yoga and volleyball as well and considers herself as a passionate epicure. Languages spoken: German, English, Spanish. Junior Project Manager Originally from a small town in the countryside of Northern Ireland, Fraser is pursuing his desires to see more of the world.

After studying Accountancy and Spanish in Belfast, he has decided to take on a challenge and adventure by moving to Barcelona. His aims are to develop himself and his skills in a new industry, put the skills he has already acquired to good use and perfect his Spanish. Fraser is a keen traveller and is particularly fond of the European city breaks after having already visited all major capitals, so he is now putting theory into practice in Barcelona. He aims to use these experiences along with his experiences, along with his other experiences in a customer service, to help in whatever way he can. At the weekends, when he is not watching or playing football, Fraser likes to adventure around Spain and discover new places, experience new cultures, and maybe purchase a new football shirt for his collection. Languages spoken: English, Spanish. Marketing & Social Media Originally from northern Italy, Matteo visited Spain for the first time at the age of seventeen and from the very first moment he fell in love with the spirit of the country.