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Bosch Kts 301 Software Definition. If you are a registered member in. Bosch KTS 301. Then it is the responsibility of each OEM to maintain and update. Read codes and find the fix with Bosch. Software Updates. Intel Hd Graphics 4000 Driver Linux Debian. Look For A Bosch Kts 300 / 301. The PIWIS I/II looks just like the KTS 6. Bosch Kts 301 Software.

Hi guys first post on here. I have managed to acquire a Bosch KTS 300 hammer diagnostic tool. It came to me from an independent porsche specialist that closed down. The garage owed me money and in an attempt to clear up the debt this was one of the items i got from them. I was told it cost them A LOT of money when it was bought new and what i would like to know is what it is likely to be worth now. The hammer is in used but good condition. It has the 19 pin round plug porsche lead.

It has the original Bosch 300 carry case and also the porsche specific software module that allows you to run full system tests as well as bleed the 4wd etc. The software module is 9288/5 and it is version 4.0 Whats it worth Regards Bruno, 12:38 PM # ( ). I originally posted the above in the wrong forum but it did have a reply. Reply is below Posted by matt demaria: I bought mine new for 1400. But mine had both cables and version 8 software which allows me to go to 1995/6 area. I don't know how far version 4 covers; but they don't make the hammers any more. The early pst2's covered this time period but when they are updated to the obd2 cars they lost the ability to scan obd1 cars.

Most people updated the pst2 systems hence making the hammer more valuable. Durametric covers the same data readouts (although I don't know about the bleeding function) in their version 5 which they don't support any more. But the hammer is definitely more convenient and compact than the durametric. I would say that the hammers are almost as valuable as when they were purchased new. Sakar Camera Driver Download more. Any one have any thoughts?, 01:25 PM # ( ).

The Bosch Hammer (aka KTS301) covers some items that are not covered by the Durametric for the 964 and 993, especially when it comes to control modules other than the DME. I like the Hammer a lot because it is compact, sturdy and I can take it along when I drive to diagnose intermittent issues.

BTW, the latest version of the Porsche module is 8.1 dated 01.10.95 (I let it be anyone's guess whether this is 1st of October or the 10th of January.) The guy i spoke to at JDS said the is no other diagnostic unit that will cover everything the Hammer dose or do it as well. The unit i have is green in color I do not have a porsche that will let me power the Hammer up or the charger so all i have to go on is the software module.

It reads: Compac Soft Porsche - Systemtest PPG 201-1-eng 1687 023 044 and on the other side: 240991 ENG PPG 201 3 and on a silver sticker: 9288/5 Version 4.0 So i take it from all that this software is the 4th vertion that was released in October 1992.

Important note concerning KTS 520 / KTS 550 / KTS 530 / KTS 540 / KTS 570 As part of regular tests on vehicles of Citroen and Peugeot, it has been found that the programming of corresponding control units can lead to damage to control units. The programming cannot be repeated and the control units must be replaced. This does not occur with KTS 560 / KTS 590. Note: Reprogramming of vehicles that require programming voltage (e.g. Some Ford SAE) is not possible. The test devices, KTS 520 / KTS 550, are not suitable for use with vehicles from the following vehicle manufacturers: • VAG Group (VW, Audi, etc.) • BMW •.