Buffet R13 Serial Number Chart

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Full Serial Number Chart; Buffet Serial Number Ranges By Model. Model: Start # End # Early Buffet-Crampon: 1 (1866) 7,000 (1887) Early Evette & Schaeffer: 7,000 (1887. Feb 19, 2010 Hello, I recently purchased a Buffet R13 and I was trying to research the serial numbe, which is 36794. When I enter it into the the serial number finder on Buffet.

This is an vintage professional Buffet clarinet. The prior owner has left this mortal coil and it is now up for sale. If I read the charts correctly, serial number F72750 puts the year of manufacture at 1962. While the “F” in the serial number may mean it was made for the European market, it plays well in tune (A=440) While this clarinet has play wear in the form of wear to the key plating and various nicks in the Grenadilla wood body, it is in very good playing condition.

Buffet R13 Serial Number Chart

It has been gone over and pads and corks have been replaced as needed. The wood is good, no cracks or splits. Upper and lower joint are both marked with the serial number. I measure the barrel length at just over 65mm.

Buffet R13 Serial Number Chart

Buffet R13 Serial Number Chart - ravenouscrown. Buffet Clarinets and Oboes. Delcam Crispin Rapidshare Download here. Note: A preceeding F in the serial number indicates a clarinet. The serial number chart on this site. But I was wondering why my R13 doesn't show up on Buffet's. I can't find this in the lists of Buffet serial numbers.

Assumedly, both the barrel and bell are original to the horn. The case is solid, but not otherwise noteworthy. Shipping not included in price. Don’t try buying this online directly from the website.

Please drop me an e-mail. Check out this clarinet’s big brother, an. And I have another Bb R13 for sale.