Casablanca Bel Air Fan Manual

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2 Calculation of 32° Use the tear-off Ceiling Angle Template card inserted in the back of this manual, it provides you with a simple ‘go’ or ‘no-go’ for installing your fan on a sloped ceiling. SLOPED CEILING INSTALLATIONS MOUNTING RECOMMENDATIONS 7′ MINIMUM Pole Length 6″ 12″ 12″ 18″ 24″ 36″ 48″ Ceiling Height 9′ 9′ 6″ 10′ 11′ 12′ 13′ 14′ suggested extension pole lengths When to Use Extension Poles For best performance and best appearance, an extension pole should be used with your Casablanca fan when installing on high (cathedral) ceilings or sloped ceil- ings. Casablanca offers standard poles in increments of 6″ up to 5′. Custom poles are available in lengths up to 9'9'′. Minimoog V Mac Crack App. See your Authorized Casablanca Dealer for details.

Casablanca Bel Air Fan ManualCasablanca Fans Lights

Casablanca Bel Air 56 in. Indoor Snow White Ceiling Fan with Wall Control. Read online or download PDF • Page 2 / 13 • Casablanca Fan Company Bel Air Halo 38DHxxT User Manual • Casablanca Fan Company Fans. User manual for the device Casablanca Fan Company Bel Air Tabletop Fan. Online user manual database. Bel air™ owner’s manual contents introduction.

BLADES MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 7′ ABOVE THE FLOOR EXTENSION POLE MAXIMUM HANG-TRU® ANGLE 32º Before mounting your Casablanca fan, read the following helpful recommendations. The location of the fan, air circulation, and fan size are all important factors to consider before installation. Location Ceiling fans have practical uses in almost every room in your home. We suggest you follow these mount- ing recommendations as you decide where to install your Casablanca fan.

• Forsafetyreasons,thefanbladesmustbeaminimumof7′ above the floor. • Donotlocatethefaninadoorwayoraboveaswingingdoor.

• Inanyinstallation,thetipsofthebladesmustbeatleast18″ from the wall in order to provide suf- ficient clearance for the blades. • Inbedrooms,fansworkbestwhenmountedabovethefootofthebed.

• Overpooltables,besuretoprovideplentyofclearancetoavoiddamagefrom pool cues. • Inkitchensbesuretoallowforopencupboarddoorstoclearthefanblades. • Donotinstallafancloseto,orover,apoolorspa.Highhumiditycombined with corrosive gases will destroy the finish and warp the blades. Fan Size Variable fan speed capability permits the use of a full-size 52″ fan even in smaller rooms. For very large rooms, two fans may be needed.

EXAMPLE 1 This slope is less than 32˚. It is OK to install your fan. EXAMPLE 2 This slope is 32˚. This is the maximum slope that will allow the fan to hang straight down.

It is OK to install your fan. EXAMPLE 3 This slope is more than 32˚. Your fan will not hang straight down, an adaptor is necessary.

Contact your local Authorized Casablanca Dealer in regards to purchasing a “Slope Ceiling Adaptor. Manual Calculation Of True Position. ” note: Fan may wobble or vibrate if pole length is not long enough and inside blade is too close to downslope or side wall. Extending pole length will usually solve problem. Note: The miniumum ceiling height to install the Bel Air Halo is 9’.

• • Wherewirenutsareemployed,besureallbarewiresarewithintheconnectors.Wheninstallingthecanopyhatch,makesureallwires arewithinthecanopyandthatnowiresarebeingpinched. For best performance and for your warranty to be valid, use only genuine Casablanca blades, light fixtures, and accessories. SAFE USE • The blades in each pack are matched for equal FUSE BOX weight to assure smooth fan operation. • MOUNTING RECOMMENDATIONS Before mounting your Casablanca fan, read the following helpful recommendations. The location of the fan, air circulation, and fan size are all important factors to consider before installation. Location Ceilingfanshavepracticalusesinalmosteveryroominyourhome.Wesuggestyoufollowthesemountingrecom- mendationsasyoudecidewheretoinstallyourCasablancafan.

• Forsafetyreasons,thefanbladesmustbeaminimumof7”abovethefloor. • Donotlocatethefaninadoorwayoraboveaswingingdoor. • Inanyinstallation,thetipsofthebladesmustbeatleast18”fromthewallinordertoprovidesufficientclearance fortheblades. • WASHER (2) BRACKET GETTING STARTED InstallingaNewCeilingFixtureOutletbox UsingExistingCeilingFixtureOutletbox Ifyoudonothaveanexistingfixturelocatedwhereyouwish After turning the power OFF at its source (either circuit toplaceyourCasablancafan,anapprovedceilingfixtureoutlet breakerorfusebox),lowertheoldfixtureanddisconnect boxmustbeinstalledandwired. Thewiring.Checktheceilingfixtureoutletboxtobesure thatitismarked‘Approvedforceilingfanmounting’.Ifitis Warning: To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or not,anewboxmustbeinstalled. Personal injury, mount to outlet box marked acceptable for ceiling fan support using the mounting hardware provided with the outlet box. • CROSSBAR MOUNTIING BRACKET INSTALLATION Proceed with installation as follows: Step 1.