Chiavetta Wind Driver Windows 7

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Ford Travelpilot Fx Europa 2013. Forget that modem, its way past its prime designed for windows 2000 and XP but if you're the techie type and like pain and misery;) then try this Work-Around: You need another PC/Laptop and a USB Pen/Key Drive to do this: 1) Connect the E220 to your XP PC/Laptop 2) access the emulated CD Drive and copy all the Contents onto a USB Pen Drive. 3) Disconnect the E220 and the Pen Drive 4) Connect the Pen Drive to your Vista PC and install the software using the Autorun.exe file (Run as Administrator) 5) Connect the E220 - Vista will only recognize a USB Mass Storage Device and the emulated CD drive which it cannot access. 6) Open the Device Manager (in the Control Panel) 7) Look for the USB Mass Storage Device in the 'Universal Serial Bus controllers' Section If there are more than one USB Mass Storage Devices, right click each one, select Properties, Details and then 'Children' If it says 'Huawei' somewhere inside the Value, you found the right one. 8) Right click on the Mass Storage Device and select 'Update Driver Software' 9) Select 'Browse my Computer' 10) Select 'Let me pick' 11) Uncheck 'Show compatible devices' 12) Select '(Generic USB Host Controller)' in the Manufacturer Tab 13) Select 'USB Composite Device' in the Model Tab 14) Finish installing the Composite Device driver 15) Afterwards, Vista will add another USB Mass Storage Device, and if you are lucky, also 2 'Data Interfaces' 16) If it doesn't detect the Data Interfaces, disconnect and reconnect your E220.

Chiavetta Wind Driver Windows 7Chiavetta Wind Driver Windows 7