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I have posted with this camera before, but with some urging from Rajmohan I decided it deserved another airing. You will have to forgive a certain 'sameness' to my images here, but my duties as a dog walker and classic camera user tend to diverge, hence the familiar territory! Now the Contarex is a wondrous beast, all chrome and business like, quite formidable. I kind of like the engineers philosophy when building this camera.forget the cost, forget the weight,and forget the ergonomics.this is how we will do it!

The result is a heavy, blocky beast, but with a beautiful finish and lustrous chrome. The German camera industry was at their peak around the time that this camera was made, as was their lenses.

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I still think that the optics from Zeiss and Leitz reached a point that has not really been surpassed. Unfortunately this is reflected in the cost of the lenses for the Contarex, so I'm stuck with the 'poverty' pack of the 50mm Planar, 35mm Distagon and 135mm Sonnar. Anything more exotic comes with a frightening price tag. I would never consider the C'Rex to be my everyday camera, others will do a similar job with less effort, but the camera does remain a special part of my collection,and is one of the most 'fondled'. I have used all three lenses here, and the 35 and 50mm both focus very close, making them almost double as macro lenses. The no compromise to the engineering shows with these two, as both feature the aperture opening slightly as the lens extends to allow for light loss.very clever. Now for the camera and a few images. Bluesoleil Crack Patch.

Fine work with a fine camera, Tony. The Contarex has always seemed to me to be more of exercise in precision engineering than a really user-friendly camera, rather like that other behemoth, the Voigtlander Prominent, but the quality cannot be denied. The lenses, obviously, are beautiful, and you've shown them off in this series.

Your 'home town' looks charming and I feel like planning an excursion; there must be some nice images to be had around the harbour, as well as along the coast. Thanks for another excellent post. This camera has looks and the image quality is great. But the 'user interface' is not the best. It's heavy and awkward to use.

Rewarding and beautiful. I like to compare this camera to the Leica M2 or M3. Both are beautiful (though the bullseye is more so) but the Leicas are also masterpieces of practical use. I don't mean to criticize. In fact I've owned one of these and used it and I know it's a camera worth trying.

Once I've had that experience though, I'll go back to a camera with more attention to the way people use a camera. Hi David, I completely agree that although beautiful and beautifully made, the bulk and weight are challenging. And of course, the early Ms are also wonderful, easy-to-use machines.

However, on my first walk with the camera, I got used to the camera within the first few shots, and I found it to be like using any other solid SLR with buttery smooth lenses that are very easy to focus. One of my favorite SLRs is the Leicaflex SL, and to my mind, the Rex compared quite favorably to it. Of course this view may reflect my love of the quirky! Track M1 Garand By Serial Number. Keep them coming! NEver tire of great B&W photos. I liked you commentary on the engineering and peak for the German industry.

There'S something to be said for Hubris. ( I capitalized it in German fashion Haha) No really, I agree these are mareveous, and I love that you shoot yours and now Rajmohan too. When you read Henry's page you think only one in a million will ever make one work again and without him it will never happen etc. So I'm pleased to see that we normal CMC users can 'use' these with formidable results.

I am too poor to buy one or the lenses etc so like Leica, I've sworn off ever owning one albeit someone drops one in my lap. Oh and what lovely images you produced here. I recall an Alfa Badge as a demo close-up in a previous and now the drill bit was also very cool! Thanks for sharing your goodfortune in owning and using one of these!