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DOWNLOAD THIS MACRO PACK!: https. Corsair M90 Mouse - Software Setup Tutorial Part 2 (Macros. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone had the corsair mouse and could help me with macros. I tried getting G33ke to try, but he doesn't have the software.

Good news everyone! I'd like to present my work! Systools Outlook Conversion Keygen Idm on this page. This is a script that allows you to program various actions and assign them to your mouse buttons. Here are the advantages of the script: + Unlimited quantity of profiles (Corsair software allows only 1) + Fast switch between profiles. Just press Win+Z (Corsair soft must be launched, switched to profile via interface and reloaded to mouse memory) + Application assignment. Profile will work in windows requested (In fact Corsair doesn't recognize different applications) + Functionality of macros limited only with your imagination (Corsair soft not allows mouse button pressing in macros. Also not allows cycles, pre-pressing, post-pressing and so on) - But this script requires some patience!

So, go on and get some and welcome to the club! 8):!: Script has been tested with M60 Corsair mouse but also may be used for almost every mouse with 8 or less buttons and vertical scroll wheel. Assign extended mouse buttons You need to assign them to hardcoded buttons (listed below). Its a bit lame, but you have to do it only once. Mouse button 4 assign to Numpad 4 2.

Mouse button 5 assign to Numpad 5 3. Mouse button 8 assign to Numpad 8 (example on screen below):!: If you still want to use some specific mouse button don't assign it. It will be ignored by the script.

I personally don't assign mouse button 5, I set it to DPI Select Step 2. Install script software 1. Download and unpack anywhere (script, images, example macros) 3. Download - delux macro editor. (This download is optional, Windows notepad.exe will be enough) Step 3.