Crack Code D Activation Tomtom Live 120

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Hi, same problem here, bought in Germany, three German voices only. Suunto Dm4. (switched sound off) Via (Live) seems to be based on a quite different technique than systems using HOME.

Where do I find the activation code. I have looked on the box and have found the produt number with a number underneath, but I get an error message whe. Instructional demonstration video for the TomTom VIA and VIA LIVE series Tomtom via live 120 activation code. TomTom VIA LIVE tells you exactly what's ahead so you.

It's labled TomTom but it's not the same as before (e.g. XL), seems we'll have to wait until MyTomTom service ia capable of providing the usual community things. On the other hand, that mess I have experienced during the last 4 weeks with POIs, HOME and XL created a mixed impression.

Thus I'm looking forward to see a better sorted POI, voice, color-scheme service on Via Live. Finally got it work - MyTomTom does not work on a Mac with WLAN internet, with a cable it does; however, I decided to use Windows7 with WLAN, installed MyTomTom for Win, all is working fine. When the device connects, a small green colored popup actually is the MyTomTom app, providing a few options plus: Add community content as explained on that page of the given link. I was able to add files from my Start XL folder: voices, POIs, color schemes, warning sounds. This way I now do have the same POIs (+ the otther stuff) on my Via 125 as before with the XL. Further I have downloaded and installed a few voices from the internet (. Acdsee Pro 2.5. Kostenlos Downloaden there. chk and.vif files). It's not as convenient yet as it was with XL/HOME since each file must be installed separately, but still acceptable.

The behavior among the Via and MyTomTom on Windows7 was correct during the time of this procedure, no problems, no strange things to note, that's very good.