Dataradio Integra Tr Software Engineering

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View and Download CalAmp Integra-Tr user manual. Integra-tr Field Programming Software. Firmware updates: The Integra-TR firmware resides in flash EPROM and is. View and Download Dataradio T-96SR installation manual. Management by the Dataradio Field Programming Software Online. Xxx [Integra TR.

Dataradio Integra Tr Software Engineering

• USAT Contact USATCORP.COM for more information or quantity pricing USATCORP.COM 1-888-550-8728 INTEGRA-TR™ WIRELESS MODEM FOR LICENSED SPECTRUM USER MANUAL PN 001-4008-100 REV 6 FEBRUARY 2013. • INTEGRA-TR™ WIRELESS MODEM FOR LICENSED SPECTRUM USER MANUAL PN 001-4008-100 REV 6 FEBRUARY 2013. • REVISION HISTORY Rev 0 June 2011 Initial Release. Rev 1 August 2011 Changed Dual Band references to Dual IF, sections 1.6 and 1.8. Deleted Synthesizer reference, section Rev 2 January 2012 Added VHF Dual Band specifications and part numbers, splinter channel frequencies and FCC/IC indicators.

Rev 3 April 2012 Corrected part numbers in section 1.6. • (i.e., have errors), or be totally lost. Significant delays or losses of data are rare when wireless devices such as the Integra-TR are used in a normal manner with a well-constructed network. Integra-TR should not be used in situations where failure to transmit or receive data could result in damage of any kind to the user or any other party, including but not limited to personal injury, death, or loss of property. • Point-to-Point System....17 3.2.2 Point-to-Multipoint System...18 3.2.3 Extending a Landline (Tail Circuit)...20 Integra-TR Field Programming Software....

21 Integra-TR Programmer Window...21 File Menu..... 21 Edit Menu..... 22 4.3.1 Setup Modem/Radio Parameters...23 4.3.2. • 4.4.11 Ping Test....55 4.4.12 ASCII/Hex Terminal....57 Program Code Menu....59 Network Optimization.... 60 Choose the best protocol....60 Check timer settings....60 Avoid flow control....60 Use the highest suitable port baud rate...60 Evaluate the need for online diagnostics... • Integra-TR is a high-speed transparent integrated wireless modem.

It is FCC refarming compliant and designed specifically to fit the needs of SCADA, telemetry and control applications. Integra-TR provides the communication links to data equipment for installations where wired communication is impractical. • PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Integra-TR consists of a logic PCB (which includes modem circuitry) and a radio module. Each logic PCB and radio module are matched together and characterized in the factory to optimize performance as an intelligent unit. The two boards then slide into the rails of an extruded aluminum case. • DTE baud rates from 1200 to 19200 are supported. Mio Usb Driver.