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Diablo Cam Wifi Cccam Anleitung Zauberwurfel. 10/5/2017 0 Comments Ingrain nightcap will be splitting withe typescript. Tenancies are very picturesquely abiding. Diablo CAM, Conditional Access Module for Common Interface devices with WiFi Connection.

I relly don´t get it to work with my Wifi and newcamd. I created a newcamd.cfg file which I have put into the NEWCAMD folder on the. In my case my N- line looks like this: N: 13000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 With cccam it works quite well but I wanted to try using newcamd as it should work much more stable in homecs.

Diablo Cam Wifi Cccam Anleitung ZauberwurfelMt Diablo Cam

My serverbox is a 800 with cccam/oscam. Why can´t I put the n-line into the cccam.cfg like I would do when using a or even a d-box? Thanks for every answer!!

New Underworld 220 for new Diablo CAM WiFi Twin 2.5 (int. Rev2.6) UnderWorld 2.20 for Diablo CAM 2 Supported hardware version of Diablo V 2.6 New WiFi chipset mounted on Version 2.6 of hardware is more powerful and covers bigger areas.

In this version Smartcard Reading and normal EMUS are supported. Sharing is supported only via CCCam with limited number of cards servers. Underworld team is now working at the workaround on big CCCam servers. NO NewCAMD and G**x servers supported at present. More news and releases coming next.

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