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Download Aplikasi Edit Foto Bb 9300 on this page. Jul 14, 2005 I don’t want encrypted userID, Password in aspnet_Membership table. I don’t want encrypted userID, Password in aspnet. To decrypt the password. Discussion on how to decrypt password created by SqlMembershipProvider in ASP.Net and DNN applications. Hi, How can I decrypt / unencrypt dnn user account passwords? I need to sent the dnn username, role and password to an outside app to authenticate the user.

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By default, DNN has two administrator accounts upon installation: the host (superuser) account and the admin account. The host account is used to make modules and skins available to the DNN installation, create other websites often referred to as portals, and maintain the DNN instance as a whole. The admin account is responsible for the website itself. Its duties include creating pages, installing modules made available by the host account, adding content to the website, adding users, website maintenance, etc.