Donwload Amplitube Untuk Windows Vista

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8 AmpliTube will make you feel like a rock star with '51 individual stompboxes and effects, 31 amplifier preamp & power sections, 46 speaker cabinet models, 15 high end stage and studio mics, and 17 post amp rack effects'. For those getting into playing electric, gear can get expensive very quickly. AmpliTube aims to provide the same experience of playing a gig with digital effects and equipment. You'll still need a guitar, digital foot pedal to control the program, and a controller, but that's it. There are plenty of other guitar interfaces out there, like but none are quite as beautiful and well laid out as AmpliTube. You can experiment with beautifully rendered amps and other vintage guitar equipment in AmpliTube's Custom Shop and can try out equipment in AmpliTube's store (which unfortunately uses a point system) before buying. Buying new gear can get expensive, especially with an already expensive application, but thankfully, you get a 10 day free trial.

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AmpliTube for windows, Windows Media Player 11.0, Windows Media Player 11, Amacsoft iPad iPhone iPod to PC Transfer 2.1.19. Download amplitube 3 full for windows vista - AmpliTube 3.5: Feel like a rock star with digital guitar amps and effects, and much more programs.

If you're a guitarist who wants to star recording digitally, AmpliTube is a perfect solution. While expensive, this program delivers the most comprehensive set of digital tools for the guitarist.

AmpliTube Metal is a guitar amp and FX modeling plug-in dedicated entirely to heavy metal gear, with an arsenal of 48 models of modern and vintage amps, cabinets, stomp boxes and rack effects. Gear Head Driver Download Digital Keychain Camera. AmpliTube Metal offers a software recreation of a complete heavy metal arsenal of sounds from the late 70's through today and includes models of extremely rare and collectible metal stomp boxes, amp heads & cabinets, from the legendary, hard-to-find Japanese originals to classic British and American essentials. Crack Acca Primus Trial By Fire. AmpliTube Metal includes 14 stomp boxes, 5 amp models, 13 cabinets and 6 mics, 9 rack FX and a tuner for 48 never-before-reproduced models.

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Including models based on the ProCo RAT, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, Digitech Whammy, several vintage BOSS effects, Randall Warhead, Peavey 5150, Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier, and other great emulations based on metal gear. AmpliTube Metal also includes AmpliTube X-GEAR so it can be integrated with all current and future 'Powered by AmpliTube' products for full mixing and matching of over 150 gear models, including full MIDI and StompIO control for live usage. AmpliTube Metal Features: • 5 separate modules: tuner, configurable Stomp pedal board, Amp head, Cabinet + Mic, and Rack Effects. • 14 rare Stomp effects with distortion models. • 5 classic high-gain Amps.