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Ultimate Breaks Volumes 1-25. For those who are interested about 'Ultimate Breaks and Beats' discography this is. DJ Superix presents: ‘Ultimate. From the very famous ‘Ultimate Breaks & Beats. RAPIDSHARE: DOWNLOAD THE MIX HERE. 'Ultimate Breaks & Beats' Vol. 1-25 (Download!). Docxtools Software House on this page. Labels: breaks, download, Funk, hip hop, mp3, ultimate breaks and beats. 1 comment: Ropedizzle said. Ultimate Breaks & Beats was a series of highly DJ-friendly edit compilation LPs that came out 1986-1991, becoming the foundation of sample-based hip-hop, and.

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A year & a half ago we released DJ Superix’s ‘Ultimate, Ultimate, Ultimate’. It was the first time ANY DJ has ever compiled all the original breaks (over 160) from the very famous ‘Ultimate Breaks & Beats’ series into one mixtape. Here’s some more info: Ultimate. Diablo Cam Wifi Cccam Anleitung Zauberwurfel. There’s simply no better word to describe the grooves, rhythms & drums that powered hip-hop in its infancy & throughout its golden age.

The hugely legendary, often diversely compiled, but always forever loved ‘Ultimate Breaks & Beats’ series remain the true building blocks on which the music born of the Bronx, invaded & conquered our whole world. It’s the art of the DJ that Superix pays homage to here: clocking in at an impressive 160 separate records, over 2 cds Extremely listenable, and a lot of good fun, this mix is unique! Complete with lush artwork referencing the infamous, mysterious Street Beat graffiti covers, which every self-respecting hip hop fiend has at least a few of hidden in the collection. If you like this mix you can still buy the real thing in beautiful full colour packaging with full artwork, and 2x CD glory. UDATED LINKS: 25.04.10 RAPIDSHARE: ZSHARE.