Dragon Ball Z Mugen 2011 For Pc

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Dragon Ball Z Mugen 2017

Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition 2011 - This is a 2D format fighting game based on the famous Dragon Ball Z series high resolution graphics. This version combine the best.

Join me on Facebook: IMPORTANT!!! I don't own Dragon Ball Z or its characters! Dragon Ball Z belongs to Akira Toriyama, Funimation and Toei animation. This is just a fan-made M.U.G.E.N game made by me and many other people. You can see their names in credits section. =============================================== Dragon Ball Z M.U.G.E.N Edition 2011 (Hi-Res) by RistaR87 =============================================== If you want to play the game on Full Screen press Alt+Enter I HAVEN'T MADE THOSE CHARACTERS AND STAGES. I ONLY MODIFIED SOME OF THEM AND GATHERED THEM ALL IN A SCREENPACK MADE BY XED AND ME.

This game contains 101 characters and 61 stages. I fixed some characters and now they all work on 1.0 version of MUGEN. Many of the chars are my edits.

I balanced them, added new english voices and new sprites and portraits for some of them. I also edited few stages, from Low-Res to Hi-Res ================================= SPECIAL MOVES - Important! ================================= Don't ask me for Special Moves and Combos! -You can find the Special Moves for some chars in their folders in 'Readme.txt' or 'Movelist. Gsonic Motherboards Drivers. txt' -If you don't. This could be helpful: Energy Charge and transformations are usually two buttons pressed together (A+Q, A+S or S+W). It's rarely a single button. Special Moves can be usually done when you have enough of energy and press 'Down, Forward + Some Button', 'Down, Backward + Some Button', 'Down,Forward,Down,Forward + Some Button' or 'Down,Backward,Down,Backward + Some Button' and also 'Down,Backward,Forward + Some Button' or 'Down,Forward,Backward + Some Button'.