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Problem with Phonic Midi Hub. Digitrack & Midi Hub have a universal driver that allows these devices to work with all computers/recording software that is. View and Download PHONIC MIDI HUB user manual online. MIDI HUB Switch pdf manual download.

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I got a PHONIC USB-MIDI INTERFASE (MIDI HUB), which work fine under Windows XP because the generic USB driver that install on it works. The thing is that now i got a Windows 7 64 bits.

And i could not install this interface for my keyboard. I already check with the PHONIC company and they don't have a driver for Windows 7.

So what coul i do, its possible to install the Generic drivers of Windows XP to Windows 7. I already check and mi device works fine on XP but on Windows 7, I got this error Mensagge 'This device cannot start. Please help me. Just Learning. Revere 718 8mm Projector Manual.

Hello together, I have a problem to get my USB-MIDI Interface get running in Windows 7. It works perfect in Windows XP without a special driver, plug in and play. Now in Windows 7 (german x64) I get a USB-Audiodevice in the device manager and the Errorcode: '(Code 10)'. The Plug and play ID´s are: USB VID_170B&PID_0011&REV_0001 USB VID_170B&PID_0011 The Class ID´s are: USB Class_01&SubClass_03&Prot_00 USB Class_01&SubClass_03 USB Class_01 The producer is: Swissonic There are no special drivers.

The webside talks: It work with the Microsoft USB drivers on XP and Vista. Greetings from Germany Marcel. Hello, yesterday I had the same problem as other users with the Swissonic USB-MIDI interface.

I found a solution for this problem, and want to share this solution to help other users with the Swissonic MIDI USB Interface, who have driver issues in Windows 7. I searched a long time for similar devices with 1x1 MIDI possibilities and tried plenty of drivers from different manufacturers. My hope was to find a manufacturer that uses similiar parts insides the device and offers driver support for Windows 7. The solution is a Windows 7 driver for the Roland UM-1G interface, that works also with the Swissonic 1x1 MIDI-Interface. But carefully, there must be the letter G at the end. They have other UM devices with different letters at the end.

You have to install the drivers manually. The setup.exe didn't work in my case. Manually you can install the drivers via the device manager in Windows 7.

You have to choose a list of all devices, than select a medium and choose the 'RDIF1093.INF' file in the extracted driver folder named 'Files'. A window will prompt and asks if you really want to install the UM-1G device.

You should click yes and allow to install the driver for the UM-1G device. When everything is finished, you should be able to choose the UM-1G interface in your favorite software program. Some other problems occur with this device, when your USB ports don't deliver enough power.

In this case use should use your USB ports in the back instead of the front USB ports. Another solution is to use a PCI USB Card or a USB HUB with an external power adapter! Hope this solution works for you, as it did for me:).