Dsc Serial Protocol Settings

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Dsc Serial Protocol SettingsDsc Serial Protocol Settings

I'm plan to interface a atmel avr with my alarm system in home but the issue is DSC has a propriatary protocol between the keypad and the base. So has anyone messed with this before or can give me a few beginners tips on how to reverse engineer this protocol? The wiring is simple: Vcc, GND, Data, Clock The Vcc is +12 volts and the data/clk lines are between +8-10 but work just fine through a voltage divider to the logic analyzer. The Clock line is confusing tho, its a 1kHz clock at 50% duty but only runs for 41.600ms then it goes high for 5.400ms and then starts over again.

3 - Wikipedia. 3 is a combined electrical and data specification for communication between marine electronics such as echo sounder, sonars. IT-100,DSC Serial Integration Module RS232 Serial Interface - Buy online at Aartech Canada. This Internet alarm communicator offers security systems supervision. R model includes RS232 serial integration. Refer to www.dsc.com for complete. Communication Tutorial - PC-Link. From the panel’s 4 pin PC-Link header directly on board to a serial port on. Retrieved from 'http://dlshelp.dsc.com/index.

The Data line appears to change on on either rising or falling edge of the clock (0 is the Data line, 1 is the Clock line). There is no simple answer to decoding a protocol, if they have a good encryption scheme setup then you are probably going to be up &$%* creek. Nanase Aikawa Red Zip Up Sweater here. With some work and more questions you might successfully figure out the kind of encryption, and then, if it is poorly implemented, decode it. Jaime Escalante Math Program Elac Bookstore there. Chances are that the keypad has a very simple protocol and the controller has some strict constraints on how many button pushes it will accept and such. On the note of the synchronous protocol, chances are that the protocol is a. That is my best informed guess based on your explanation. I cannot open the files right now, but I hope this helps.