Expired Drivers License Army Counseling Examples

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We need more examples. If you got 'em, they can be shared by using the form below. POV Counseling PURPOSE OF COUNSELING The purpose of this counseling is to review Army policies on POV ownership and the importance of driver safety.

Pa Drivers License Example

State Drivers License Installation decal. Army counseling examples online: counseling statement examples. Army Counseling Examples. In the Army, counseling is an almost daily requirement. SUSPENSION OF INSTALLATION DRIVING PRIVILEGES. Driving on the installation with a suspended license; (2). A photocopy of your valid state driver’s license; and (4) Remedial Drivers Training Course Completion. Department of The Army Inspector General Counseling Guide. CURRENT DRIVER’S LICENSE. Counseling Classes Counseling Examples Counseling References. Counselings Included in. Failure to Obtain Military Driver License; Motorcycle Safety.

KEY POINTS OF DISCUSSION POV accidents are the number one killer of Soldiers. Even if they are not fatal, they will almost always result in wasted time and reduced production when a Soldier has to be away from his duty position because of an injury or some type of hardship that requires his absence. It can happen to you. The vast majority of fatal military accident victims are between 18-26 years of age and are at their first or second duty station. The cause of over 90% of POV accidents is: o Speeding or aggressive driving o Failure to wear seat belts o Drinking and driving o Fatigue (long distance driving) Reduce your chance of an accident by avoiding the above behaviors.

(Go over examples of each cause) In addition, accidents can be caused by poor maintenance. Owning and driving a car brings a responsibility to maintain your vehicle and conduct periodic inspections. Use the attached checklist to inspect your vehicle. Repair deficient findings immediately and before driving. On base driving is a privilege.

The max speed limit anywhere on base is 35MPH. The speed limit in housing areas is 15MPH. First infraction is a visit to the First Sergeant. Second infraction is a loss of driving privileges on base for 1 year. Local driving hazards.

Most traffic accidents occur within 25 miles of where we live and work. Most accidents here occur on Hwy 69. Watch out for abrupt brakers as traffic cameras are being installed and yellow lights appear to have been shortened. AR 385-55 and CAM Reg 385-7 require that all Soldiers attend local POV accident avoidance training within 10 days of arrival. SSG Ales is our Driver Safety POC. He will go over driver safety on Wednesday morning at 0900 with you. IAW the Privacy Act of 1974, the contents of this document contain privileged or other confidential information.

Unauthorized disclosure may result in civil and criminal sanctions. If you are not the intended recipient, or believe you have received this communication in error, do not reproduce, retransmit, disseminate, or otherwise use this information. PLAN OF ACTION I will inspect SPC Willard's car with him to ensure it meets minimum safety requirements. We will ensure he has valid license, registration and insurance.

Curie Drivers Ed Hours on this page. We will ensure he has a spare tire, jack and jumper cables in the trunk and phone numbers for insurance, roadside assistance and towing in his glovebox. LEADER RESPONSIBILITIES I will make an effort to monitor SPC Willard's driving to ensure I have addressed topics that may improve safety.