Fallout 2 Official Patch 1.02

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Fallout 2 Official Patch 1.02

1.02.26 change log Fixes to bugs I introduced/Changes to the unofficial patch: • Finally got to the bottom of not being able to repair the emitters on the level 4 force fields. This was a bug I accidentally introduced.

Here is a patch that fixes bugs listed below (to find out about them, see the readme.txt and this file). When you start the game, it will show that you're running the. Download unofficial patch for Mac by killap (9MB) List of changes in this patch Fallout 2 Restoration Project. Restoration Project 2.2.

Note: The items below were all added by me at some point early on in the unofficial patch process. They have been removed and are found in the Restoration Project only. • The conversation about a character's 'level' with the Enlightened One has been re-disabled. Now only part of the RP. • McGee in New Reno has been removed. Now only part of the RP. • Merk car stealing removed element.

Now only part of the RP. • Removed endings that were added for the Elder, Marcus, President, Harold, and Hubologists, etc.

Now only part of the RP. • Removed ability to get a happy ending for Vault 13. Now only part of the RP. New Fixes: Redding: -------- • Trying to bring up a detailed description of a citizen of Redding no longer causes 'Error' to come up as the description. Vault City: ----------- • Stark will no longer give floats directed towards the player if he cannot see the player. • Finally got to the bottom of the door in the Vault City's vault remaining closed, despite having opened it with bare strength/crowbar.

Gecko: -------- • Saving your game in the Gecko junkyard no longer causes Lumpy to teleport on game reload. • Wandering ghouls on the main Settlement map can no longer wander through the reactor doors into the area beyond it. New Reno: --------- • Using lockpick on locked doors at the Desperado basement or the second floor of Bishop's casino no longer cause the message 'That does nothing.' To come up regardless of whether or not you succeed in your lockpicking attempt.

• Fixed dialogue errors with Majorie Reed when asking about jet. • Fixed issue with Stuart Little commenting on special boxing names. • You now correctly gain karma by getting the car non-violently from T-Ray rather than getting karma for tricking T-Ray into thinking you are one of Bishop's lieutenants. • Before, you did not correctly get experience for getting your car back non-violently from T-Ray until you talk to him again.

Hjsplit For Android Free Download. This is no longer the case. • If you managed to fool T-Ray into thinking you are one of Bishop's lieutenants, you may not necessarily get the experience reward for doing so.