Ford 351w Serial Number

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Ford 351w Engine Specifications

Ford V8 Engine Identification. The quickest way of differentiating between the different familys of Ford engines is to. The casting number on the block.

The assembly line was installed in 1969 with the first engines rolling off the line in 1970, you are correct. If the number is metal stamped on the small machined pad on the RH side front and perpendicular to the ground it is a hot test inspector's stamp. They were made to show month, day and the last two numbers of the inspector's 4 digit badge number. This one is a '74 casting with a May 11 hot test date, inspected by xx67 Each engine made at Windsor Engine Plant 1 was tested in one of 48 stationary hot test stands for a minimum of 6 minutes, most had >10.

After timing, an inspector would check for the obvious things like leaks, etc., balancing marks (crayon green or red number on LH rear rocker cover) and timing stamp (a letter stamp below the inspector stamp), stamp it OK and pull the fuel feed.good ol' days. DMS Scoring disabled.

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Seems like a 'Galaxie' many years and far, far away now. I kill myself). I did work there for a long time in the 70's and started engines in the HT and moved through a bunch of jobs as they became available. Ended up in engineering and processed powertrain assembly lines in 80's 90's to now for the V6 lines in Cleveland. Try to help now and again with an answer I am sure of. DMS Scoring disabled. You must be logged in to score posts.

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On the front of my 302 block, is a number stamped in to the block. The number is stamped in to the mounting boss (or what ever you'd call it) for the water pump, top right bolt hole, as you are looking from the front of the engine bay. Link to pics here: The number stamped is '1B19E' Any ideas what it means?

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Based on the link you sent, it appears the numbers I am talking about are the date of manufacture (most likely date of assembly). The block in question is a D1OE-6015-AA. It carries a casting number of 1A21 (January 21, 1971). The number stamped in to that boss or ear where the water pump bolts on is 1B19E (Febrary 19, 1971 I'm thinking).

But the extra digit, 'E' is what is throwing me off. I'm not doing any kind of a numbers matching restoration here.

It's a 1972 Bronco with a date of manufacture in November 1971. Acronis True Image 2010 Boot Cd Iso. I'm just super crazy about tracking down any and all numbers I find in my projects so I don't run in to issues down the road. Scoring disabled. You must be logged in to score posts. Bob (Login ) Not sure. No score for this post January 3 2011, 1:03 PM.

I think I got a still on a 1995 Ford F-250 4x4 351w Complete engine today. So do I just drop that in or do I swap the parts onto my 1979? They say it has a lifter noise?

Rebuild it maybe??? Remember this started with I THINK????Dat 95 may be a roller block and more better. The casting number should be F4TE for a roller block. That would mean it is machined for roller lifters and would have a hold down for them often called a spider (8 legs to hold down 8 sets of lifters). Better cam & less friction = more power. I think that I am going to build up the 95 engine - convert it to MEFI if it is not (I think that in another post I saw that some 95's had the MEFI), I think this one is the SEFI. I have not seen it yet, I still need to go get it on Friday in Delta.

And when I am ready to drop it in (harness and all), I am going to do it in a weekend. Until then I am going to run my Carb'ed 351w and sale that one when the other one is done. This sounds like the best plan of attack. Plus I get a newer motor and all the goodies (hopefully the F4TE, code).