Free Spreadsheet Software For Macbook Pro

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Designed from the ground up for optimal use of the touch interface, Free Spreadsheet has the number crunching power you need and doesn't make you jump through hoops to use it. Our expanded keyboard keeps the operator and number keys available so you don't have to switch back and forth to write an equation. Capabilities include formula dragging, limited graphing, sorting, freezing headers, and import/export of csv files for compatibility with many other spreadsheet programs. Has built-in support for the following functions, with more to come in future updates! SIN, COS, TAN, ASIN, ACOS, ATAN, RADIANS, DEGREES, SUM, PROD, SUMIF, FACT, MEAN, MEDIAN, MODE, STDEV, SQRT, EXP, LN, LOG, IF, ABS, PMT, MIN, MAX Suggestions or comments? Email us at the support address, and help us make Free Spreadsheet even better! MyHSplace easy to use layout, love the touch field and a popup comes up for options.

Download free spreadsheet programs for mac - LibreOffice 4.4. Nba 2k17 Activation Key No Survey here. 0: A great open source alternative to Microsoft Office, and much more programs. Best free spreadsheet program for Mac. Also FREE open source software available for all platforms. But now use OpenOffice on my macbook pro and haven.

Free Spreadsheet Software For Macbook ProFree Spreadsheet Software For Macbook Pro