Gem Genesys Pro 2017

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Gem Genesys Pro 2017

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PROMEGA 2+ is here, right now Rich, vibrant sounds. Swift usability on stage. Handcrafted quality from Finland. This is what professional digital stage piano for discerning ears is made of.

Promega 2+ is right here, right now. Playability that musicians need Promega 2+ is quick and easy to use thanks to its large and user-friendly main panel, large buttons and the reduced need to access any digital menus. Everything you need for your performance is right there at your fingertips. Just the way you need it to be.

Whether it is dark or suddenly brighter than day, you simply remember where to move your hand for the sound or modulation you need. Unmatched sound for pros Professional musicians perform for listeners. Listeners that detect nuances, enjoy vibrancy, are sensitive to dynamic range and appreciate authenticity. We at Generalmusic take our business very seriously. And our business is to create amazing tools for professional musicians.

Our tools produce unmatched deep, vibrant and rich sounds. These sounds are produced by break-through technologies processed by UpDrake. Generalmusic’s digital signal processing (DSP) technology is on a level of innovation all its own and the science involved originates in major European and American universities. UpDRAKE (Upgraded-DSP-Risc-Advanced-Keyboard-Engine) processes sampled database piano sounds and builds authentic sound models on top of the samples in real time. This is why Promega 2+ sounds impeccably authentic and models the typical behaviour of acoustic pianos in great detail. For example the famous Italian 10' concert grand and many other heritage piano sounds have been generated by combining sample playback and physical modelling techniques; Natural String Resonance, Filter Algorithm Dynamic Emulation, Advanced Release Technology and Damper Physical Model. DPM Damper Physical Model When the damper pedal is pressed, DPM accurately reproduces the acoustic effect of sympathetic resonance of the strings vibrating.

Genesys Pro Workstation

The effect is similar to the that of the real concert Grand Piano. Space age quality. From Finland Promega 2+ electronic components pass strict industrial IPC2 level standards with flying colors.