Gtr2 Gemfx

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NoGripRacing, the sim racer's site for all the latest news, downloads, patches, addons, cars, tracks, sounds, editing tools and discussion. GTR 2 FIA Gt Racing - Gameplay ITA - Logitech G27. GTR2 Mod - Power & Glory with GEMFX Graphics Mod - Duration: 11:58. David McClean 2,224 views.

Gtr2 Gemfx

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Today, LuciferHawk release a Dx9 version of GEMFX. What is GEMFX?

Let's quote the autor: GEM - Graphics Enhancement Mod is a new shader collection (GEM) and a new injector (GEMFX) I implemented which also utilizes the SweetFX shader stack and is inspired by SweetFX/Enbseries to improve the look of TW(and other)-Games. So it's an injector which include SweetFX shaders AND lot of new shaders!

I think it's can't be considered like a cheat (.same as SweetFX ^ ), so I post a link here for all those who want try it:) Installation • Download the GEMFX 1.0.6.exe, and install it where you want. • Copy the GEMFX's Files you just installed (GEMFX dir, d3d9.d33, dxgi.dll, GEMFX_configurator and the Readme) in your game directory (/! This work well if you run the game with a -nopatchui, otherwise you must copy the file in the /bin directory ) Should be like (Don't have the ENG Language pack in windows, sry:p ) • Launch the configurator, and configure it like you want! There is a tab for the GEMFX shaders and another one for the SweetFX shaders:) • Or you can use my for GEMFX 1.0.6 Note this could work with almost all the Dx9/10/11 Games, and it is a beta, but still impressive;) Some Screenshots With NO real preset here, just some ramdom shaders,see video for 1.0.6 preset - And Videos • - new preset for GEMFX 1.0.6:) • Other Videos: So a big thanks to LuciferHawk! And ReLiFeD for the formatting:'D • • • • •. It does look strange, but I think instead of judging it based on something you've seen on a video you should perhaps actually have a look yourself. It's a program, that you can tweak, to your liking.

Which means everyone else you see either have it as the preset(which sucks) or they tweak it to their liking. WoodenPotatoes likes his SweetFX on insane vibrance, that doesn't mean that's just how SweetFX looks because naturally I understand that it's a program, which you can tweak, to your liking.