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Download Halo 2 Killtrocity V1 • Xbox Isos @ The Iso Zone • The Ultimate Retro Gaming Resource.

@dzilla91 why the fuck would you insult me, I've been a part of the xbox scene since the beginning and if a 3rd party unbiased person was to read our posts I'm sure they would conclude that I know a hell of a lot more about this stuff than you do. Also it is very clear from your response that you have no idea what I just said in my post or you would have responded with some kind of logic. But anyways I was careful about my post to clarify that I never burned it because MY XBOX DVD DRIVE DOESNT WORK. Boom 1 7 Keygen Download Bandicam. About 30% of torrents on the web are fake/not working if it doesn't fucking work for me I'm going to post, if it works then someone else will post and say that, thats how this shit works, you should understand why it looks suspicious when only the uploader has commented saying it works multiple times. And finally it is appreciated when you upload WORKING torrents (not that I'm saying this is for sure not working) but flaming people for no reason is not appreciated. Naruto Generations Keygen Download Manager. Yes this is a little bit of a flame but it is not for no reason. Already have burnt 2 dvd's, tried different speeds & layerbreaks, have tried to fixed the ISO with SS Merger and abgx360 but can't seem to get it work.

It starts up, shows the xbox logo, screen turns black for a sec & gives me an error screen & says that the original xbox game is not valid. I've got the newest iXtreme, the 1.9 version on my xbox 360. Any tutorial would be greatful as I'm still a bit noob at this as i just bought my xbox 360. Didn't even flash it myself but my friend did.