How To Load Program For At89c51 Projects

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Install Phoenix Miner Windows 8 there. Best Answer: The Atmel AT89C51 datasheet (2nd link below) talks about the programming method. The first link below provides a schematic and software. However, it requires you to. Have another processor and a way to load the code into that one. So it's a chicken and egg problem of sorts. They do suggest getting an SPI programmable device as the 2nd one and programming that one more easily. Since I have lots of tools for other micros floating about, I'd use one of them and wire up my own thing and write my own code if I wanted to do this myself without buying something.

Do take note that both +5V and +12V are required. Also take note that Atmel doesn't recommend that part for anything new, either. Which gets back to the main suggestion about buying a board. But that also says 'why bother, since the chip isn't recommended anymore and may disappear -- it would be a waste of money to buy a programmer for it.' So, that gets back to why you don't just throw away the chip entirely and get a newer Atmel unit that is supported or else, if you are stuck on 8051 cores, something from Cygnal -- no, that's SiLabs now. The 3rd link provides almost all you need to do it from a PC. It is from Atmel's site.

How To Load Program For At89c51 ProjectsHow To Load Program For At89c51 Projects