Hydro Thunder Arcade Game Manual

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Midway Game Manuals are the resources for all your Midway Arcade Game questions! Hydro Thunder - Manual. Issue Date PDF Manual Description. The Hydro Thunder coin-operated Videogame by Midway Games (circa 1999), and it's history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, for sale and wanted lists, and.

Hydro Thunder Arcade Game Manual

• NOVEMBER 194-10-101 UPRIGHT DEDICATED VIDEO GAME 25” CABINET Operations Manual Includes Installation Operation Testing & Problem Diagnosis Parts Information Wiring Diagrams Product Service Midway Games Inc. 3401 North California Avenue Chicago, Illinois USA • SPECIFICATIONS, SETUP, & MAINTENANCE NOTICE: This manual is subject to change without notice. MIDWAY reserves the right to make improvements in equipment function, design, or components as progress in engineering or manufacturing methods may warrant. Fill out and mail in the Game Information Card.

Sometimes the game will. Boris Beizer Software Testing Techniques Download. There’s also a troubleshooting guide in the manual for the game. Feb 21, 2015 As the game is on it gets. Gets converted to RGB for the Arcade monitor. Hydro Thunder and Offroad.

Include the game serial number from the label on the rear of the cabinet. • SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The following safety instructions apply to operators and service personnel. Read these instructions before preparing the game for play. Other safety instructions appear throughout this manual. DEFINITIONS OF SAFETY TERMS DANGER indicates an imminent hazard. If you fail to avoid this hazard, it WILL cause death or serious injury.

• CAUTION: USE CARE WHEN SHIPPING HARD DISKS. The hard disk drive must be packed in an anti-static bag. When shipping the drive for repair or replacement, pack it in an approved container (P/N 08-8068). Do not stack or drop hard disk drives.

WARNING: HAZARD TO EPILEPTICS. • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Operating Requirements Location Electrical Power Temperature Humidity Domestic 120VAC @ 60Hz 4.0 Amps 32°F to 100°F Not to exceed 95% relative Foreign 230VAC @ 50Hz 2.0 Amps (0°C to 38°C) Japan 100VAC @ 50Hz 4. Vag K Can Commander 3.6 Software. 0 Amps Cabinet Statistics Shipping Dimensions Shipping Weight Cabinet. • GAME SETUP WARNING: The cabinet is top heavy. Use the two handles on the back of the cabinet when moving the game. Remove all items from shipping containers and set aside.