Install 6 Volt Battery Flashlight Holder

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6 Volt Flashlight Batteries

Grasp the body of the light firmly in one hand and hold it upright with the lamp assembly facing up. Grip the black plastic ring surrounding the lens and lamp assembly and turn it counter-clockwise until it comes free from the lamp. Set the ring on a nearby surface and lift out the lens and lamp assembly. Hinari Instructions Manual. The lens is just a thin piece of plastic and it will blow away easily, so it's best to put it inside the ring and then place the lamp assembly on top. Keeping the assembly together reduces the risk of losing the lens and also protects the LED lamps from water and dirt. Point the open body of the lantern downward and give it a light shake to slide the old battery from the compartment. Preserve it and dispose of it safely, in accordance with local law.

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