Install Deb Package On Arch Linux Kde

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If you’ve used Linux for any amount of time, you’ve noticed that one of the most common methods to install third party applications is via a.Deb package. Often times this is the only way to get this software, as the developers can’t be bothered to go through the process of packaging in the dozens of different formats the Linux platform offers. Many non-Debian-based Linux distributions have their own ways of getting around this issue. However, out of all Linux distributions, Arch Linux has the most interesting ways of getting a Debian package working. In this article we’ll outline 3 ways on how to accomplish this and discuss which one is best. Note: the steps below will work for any Arch-based distro as well.

Installing via the AUR The AUR is the first place to check when looking for software that isn’t officially supported in Arch Linux. Always check here first. It’s a service that allows anyone to upload a PKGBUILD script, designed to automatically take software from various places, download all of the needed dependencies to run them and compile a native Arch Linux package. When using the AUR, there are two ways to go about it.

There’s the first way, which is the most used, using an. These are tools that help make installing AUR packages (as well as keeping them up to date) incredibly easy. Just search, install and go. The other way is by going to the AUR website, using the search bar, and downloading the “snapshot.” This is a less automated process, but it’s ultimately worth it, as instead of instantly installing the package, it’ll spit out a native package for later. This means if you have a custom repository setup, you can easily place these newly-built packages right in the repo for easy installation.

Most (if not all) programs that only come in DEB format will be found in the AUR. Fixwin Download Italiano. Here’s how to compile one as an Arch package from scratch. Find a package in the AUR and click “download snapshot.” 2. Extract the snapshot, then open a terminal and cd into it. Debtap -U * Installing manually Though not the most elegant solution, when there’s no way to convert with Debtap or compile with an AUR pkgbuild, the best method is to extract the Debian package itself and put the files where they should go.

Install Deb Package On Arch Linux Kde