Install Mirolin Showers And Tub

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Install Tub And Shower SurroundMirolin Tubs Canada

Aug 02, 2009 mirolin tub install. Anything not covered elsewhere. 10 posts • Page 1 of 1. I've only done one mortar bed install, and that was for a custom shower. The Empire Acrylic Multi Piece Tub Shower features the Mirolin Snap Fit System and makes installation easy as 1-2-3. The Empire also features Easy Full Front. Aug 09, 2012 Watch our new engineered Mirolin acrylic video for more information on all the benefits of our Mirolin acrylic.

Tammojsmit wrote:How do I do it? I'm a bit frustrated because to get the tub level, I have to raise the front edge 1/2' by the drain end (which doesn't look right). This is an acrylic tub with a sort-of built in pallet with feet. Help is appreciated of course.

I'm asking because I figured there is a wide consortium of talent on this board. If you got raise the whole tub than you got to do it. You may need to raise the lip of the tub surround also, and definitely use mortar a thick cushion. The feet on the tub surround have to be in the mortar. It also should be the last thing you do before you put the tub inplace.

Mirolin Industries Inc. Has 12 reviews. Showers and tub / showers by Mirolin Industries appear in. I've lost hundreds on each install and Mirolin won't.

Which means the surround needs to be at the right height. So when you are figuring out include the thickness of mortar you will need to make level and whatever finished floor you may have in the bathroom now needs to be taken into also. Cause there probably isn't any under the tub now except sub floor.. HUH I said sub Also if there is no skirting infront of the tub you will need to leave a 1/4' for silicone in between the tub and what ever finish you want on your tub surround. Shot By Shot Katz Ebook Reader there. You just got to think of it all at once and it gets tricky. Take a deep breath and pretend you are building a DR 200 for the first time Good luck and I will be here until I got to leave for my gig at 2:45.

I will check before I leave incase you are in the middle of it now. The tub should of came with some instructions?