Install Solaris 10 Step By Step

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/ ajayaghosh v l 1) Need to take the backup filesystem through ufsdump or, need to remove one of the root mirror from the server. 2) Need to check the current patch version on the server. # uname -a ( For kernel patch ) # showrev -p ( For other patches ) 3) Check the latest patch in 4) Gothrough the Read me file 5) Boot the server in to the single user mode #shutdown -g0 -y -i1 ( or #init 0 & ok boot -s ) 6) Install the patch #Patchadd 7) Down the machine in to the OBP using #init 0 8) Do the reconfiguration boot #boot -r 9) Check the patch is updated pr not.

Install Solaris 10 Step By Step

Many of the Solaris beginners will be wondering that how to install Solaris 11.Here you go with step by step guide.There is no much difference compare to Solaris 10. RAC installation on Linux Virtual Machines – Step by step guide. Today we will see how we can install 1. Release 1 RAC (Real Application.

How to modify the user from ragu to haz How will see the version of the patches how do u configure the disk Where do you get Alarm prompt? Applied Acoustics Chromaphone Keygen Download. , Which file to be configuring the logs messages (like: /var/adm/message etc) Which service assign port no dynamically How far VCS supports? After creating swap file update the same to /etc/vfstab what will be the fstype. How to configure domain controller in SAMBA using SOLARIS 10 OS and How to centralize domain name and creating users. Hydro Thunder Arcade Game Manual. How to share files for WINDOWS XP clients, How to scan newly added disks to system? I would like to create users and the users account should be locked after 3 login attempts.

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