Install Xp On Hp Compaq T5000 Specifications

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HP t5000 1G thin client hardware description. Processor: Type. Pashto Learning Book Urdu Pdf Novel more. The embedded operating system is XP.

Description Missing or corrupt drivers affect the overall performance of a Windows OS. Installing the latest HP Compaq drivers can fix this problem, however, manual installation is time-consuming and tiresome.

Install Xp On Hp Compaq T5000 SpecificationsHp Compaq T5000 Thin Client

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Follow UP, What I have concluded is that HP offers the t5000 in about 4 different flavors. I want to think the only difference is the OS that ships with the system. The version that I have is the t5520 and ships with Windows CE installed on a 64m flash. I downloaded the util to create the Linux image that ships with t5515, its a 32meg footprint. The system let me install the image, and boot. I get an HP logo screen and a scrollbar that just finishes and then the system just starts flashing the logo image 'entire screen', about.5 seconds on and 1 second off. Almost like the system is trying to discover the video chipset.

If I hit 'ESC' I can see the Startup details, Last line of the load reads 'got silent jpeg.' Keystrokes don't seem to interpreted, but the keys do show up during the off cycle of the blink.

If I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, the screen stops flashing, and I see the system unload the services 1 by 1 until it reboots. Looks like a normal Linux restart. Anyone have any ideas? Any key combination that I can hit that will stop the blink and allow me to get at the prompt? I started posting here thinking that I would be able to load CentOS. Followed up because one reply was: 'Let us know how it goes.'

But I think the latter was referring to the installation of CentOS. I'm certainly not trying to chase you away -- I just think you'll get better help from users of that specific HP OS from the HP fora. As for letting us know, please do so. If you do decide to attempt to install CentOS, you should be able to obtain valuable system information from the OS you currently have running.