Leaf Green Moemon English Download

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Press the 'Download Now' button to download and install Moemon Leaf Green.Gba Downloader. The whole process will just take a few moments. Press the 'Download Now' button to download and install Moemon Leaf Green.Gba Downloader. The whole process will just take a few moments. Download moemon leaf green completed pokedex 001 151 video music mp3 fire red compenta 386 my moe dex pokemon firered hack showcase bonus bit polar platinum.

Moemon Platinum

*Warning* v1.5, 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 are now obsolete, v1.5.3 is out. 1.5.3 fixes Nidoran M's backsprite. I found moemon while I was browsing online. Unfortunately there was no English Version.

English Moemon (LeafGreen) old downloads fizzmaister. Moemon 1 5 1 (download leaf green hack. 100% English.

So I learned GBA Pokemon sprite hacking (not hard) and made moemon for all of us English speaking gamers. It was tedious, but not too hard. Five versions are out 1.0, 1.5, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, and 1.5.3.

V1.0 is obviously my first released hack, with just a sprite swap and unlocking nintendo events. 1.5 added different (more appropriate) gender ratios, breeding changes, name changes, and an annoying bug. V1.5.1 is just like v1.5, but without the bug and some of the names back to normal (I missed 2). 1.5.2 is just like 1.5.1, but all of the Pokemon names are back to normal.

1.5.3 is like 1.5.2 but with Nidoran M's backsprite fixed. Update 10-5-09: v1.5.3 released, it fixes Nidoran M's backsprite. *******Downloads******* v1.0: list of changes: all pokemon sprites changed to moemon sprites. Two doors leading to special event islands have been added to Pallet town. Celebii and Jirachi in the wild Known bugs: attacking a burned Lugia freezes the game, unknown if that applies to all pokemon.

----- v1.5 list of changes: most moemon are 100% female, a few shotamon. All trade evolutions now evolve by level. All instances of 'king' in moemon names changed to 'queen' (SEAKING to SEAQUEEN). Resident Evil 2 Pc Game Ita here.

Some breeding changes; all the male nidoran are happy campers:) Known bugs: Viridian city catching tutorial freezes game so does teachy TV. V1.0 bug probably still exists.

----- v1.5.1: list of changes: fixed the freezing bugs. Changed most 'queen's back to 'king's.

Known bugs: Lugia bug might still exist. ----- v1.5.2: other sites by request list of changes: Restored the last two pokemon names that I missed (Latiette and Seaqueen restored to Latios and Seaking). Known bugs: Lugia bug might still exist. ----- v1.5.3 list of changes: Nidoran M backsprite fixed known bugs: Lugia bug might still exist. Confirmation would be nice. V1.6.0 v1.6.1 v 1.7.0 *************** A look into the future: making 2.0c and 2.0n, perhaps making a let's play.

Credits: All sprites extracted from the Japanese version of moemon available. I took no part in creating Leaf Green or Moemon, I only inserted the moemon sprites into a US Leaf Green rom. The other parts of this hack (map changes, gender ratio changes, evolution changes) were performed by me using commonly available 3rd gen pokemon hacking tools.

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