Love Love Shine Stepmania Theme

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Love Love Shine Stepmania Theme

~Simply Love~ Hello! Best Cydia Apps Ios 7.1 Download 6.0 To Ipad. more. This thread marks the release of Simply Love for StepMania 5.

Love Love Shine Stepmania Themes. X)Angel Eyes (Mac. Gravel)Angel Eyes (mute)Angel In The Night (Album Ver.) (OSCSuicide)Angel In The Night (V0. Love Love Shine Stepmania 5 Themes. Kit for classic- style cabinets between Extreme and X3 came with new artwork for the monitor bezel that matched its theme).

IMPORTANT NOTES: This theme utilizes many new features of StepMania 5, and it will only work with or newer! If you are currently running an older version of StepMania 5, and want to upgrade, you can find instructions for doing so on Windows and on OS X. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Simply Love was originally designed by hurtpiggypig with assistance from Mad Matt for StepMania 3.95 and ITG. To quote hurtpiggypig: The goal was to make a simple, easy to use theme with nice design and thoughtful features.

I questioned absolutely everything that was default in the ITG2 theme. A lot of the decisions I've made are to benefit people streaming/filming, playing at home, or in a tournament (a lot of large, high contrast numbers, for example) but it should still function well in an arcade too (though not my primary audience). For more information about the original version of Simply Love, check here: I did not (and will not) have the time to port certain features from the original version of this theme. Notably missing are: ghost data, and timed sets.