Mercedes W123 Manual Gearbox Stop

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Mercedes W123 Manual Gearbox Stop

My humble suggestion is that you stick with your manual transmission.even if it is broken fix it and it will still last you another generation. If you want an auto transmission car, its best to buy one that came with a factory fitted auto transmission. The reason i dont recommend the transplant is because, the auto transmission in these cars are controlled by vacuum modulators, so installing an auto transmission involves poking around with the vacuum system which always turns out to be a head ache if you dont have the correct diagrams, let alone the expertise. And on top of all that the drop in fuel efficiency by about 3 kilometers/liter. Introduction To Protein Science Lesk Pdf Download. Messing around with the shifter assembly.

I have just inherited my late grandfathers mercedes w123 230e in. >General Mercedes-Benz >W123 did any have 3 speed auto gearbox. A stop) moving the selector.

Oh and most importantly its a bit slow. I just saw your question about the cost of conversion. The person who wants to do the exchange is gaining out of the deal so he should pay you. I am about the check a potential w123 buy but have been informed by the seller that the transmission (4speed manual) has a humming noise.

From my (somewhat limited) DIY experience it seems like a badly worn bearing in the tranny. Could be input shaft bearing, main drive bearing counter shaft bearing.???

This could mean a neglected car which has not seen frequent oil changes. But of course this would need a physical examination. Can any of you tell me if you have had similar experience with your w123 trannys and what was the diagnosis and what was the cost involved?

I am a bit worried because the owner informed me that he replaced the tranny from a donor car? Does this mean it is cheaper/smarter to do that rather than fix a couple of worn bearings? Or there could be other issues lurking under?