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I'm trying to update a work laptop but have encountered problems trying to get SP3 to install. The laptop has Siemens WinCC installed and running updates for this keep failing because SQL server 2005 SP4 won't update at the start of the update program. Similarily the windows update SQL 2005 express SP3 (KB955706) keeps failing too and has been for a while so presumably SP3 is not fully/correctly installed. I tried downloading SP3 but it wouldn't run saying there were errors. After searching around for answers i used microsoft's 'Fixit' utility which found a bad registry key and repaired it.

SQL Server offers the right editions to meet your needs, including Enterprise, Standard, Express, and Developer. Microsoft Sql Server 2005 Instance Wincc. WinCC flexible in Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 detects an instance of SQL Server 2005. Microsoft Sql Server 2005 Instance Wincc Flexible. The sales office here in the US could only handle the basic questions. This is certainly not a. Microsoft Sql Server 2005 Instance Wincc Basic. How to connect to a SQL server using Visual Basic 6.0. Download the Express Edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Since that i can now run the SP3 i downloaded but it won't allow me to select all program components for update. The ones i can select have updated no problem.

The ones i can't select for update say 'not valid' in the status. Should i be able to upgrade these? Updated Ok: • Setup support files • SQL server native client • MSXML 6.0 parser • backward compatibility • SQL server VSS writer. Can't select: • SQLEXPRESS Database Services • WINCCFLEXEXPRESS Database Services • WINCCPLUS Database Services • WINCCPLUSMIG Database Services If i should be able to upgrade these how can i get the updater to allow me to select them?

Any help greatly appreciated!!! Well using the error code from the log i posted above i found that the SID's for the server databases that wouldn't update were incorrect as per microsoft's support article. That fix is now allowing the SP3 installer to actually update the files in the database and it gets much further in the install now but a new error appears saying 'failure creating local group administrator'. If i look at the permissions for the SQL groups in computer administration the only member in all cases is 'NT AUTHORITY SYSTEM' Do i need to add the administrators account to the permissions? Hello, SIDs will be different on every machine and even for every windows account. You can even delete a Windows account and then recreate the account again and the account will have a new SID even when you created it with the same name.

I would say do not take that in consideration. Jaime Escalante Math Program Elac Bookstore on this page. Try to add the service account starting the WINCCFLEXEXPRESS instance as member of the SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$SIMATIC$WINCCFLEXEXPRESS.