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Recognition accuracy is the heart of any music-scanning program and Musitek’s new Prodigy Engine® is at the heart of SmartScore X 2. Played back by Pro X 2. SmartScore X 2 Pro; SmartScore X 2 Songbook. Software Registration. SmartScore Serial #: First Name: Last Name: Address 1.

Musitek SmartScore X Professional 10 0 1 download I've recently purchased a copy of Musitek's SmartScrore X Pro. I Primarily bought it to. I decided to purchase SmartScore X Pro after I did some extensive testing on demo versions of it and Neuratron's PhotoScore Ultimate, along with the less expensive limited editions of the SmartScore. User's are also given the ability to save the file as ENF, MIDI 0, MIDI 1, NIF or XML formats.

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