Nikolai Gogol The Overcoat

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Nikolai Gogol The Overcoat

Gogol was born in the Ukrainian Cossack village of Sorochyntsi, in Poltava Governorate of the Russian Empire, present-day Ukraine. His mother descended. Full online text of The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol. Other short stories by Nikolai Gogol also available along with many others by classic and contemporary authors.

Once upon a time in a town called St. Petersburg, there was a low-ranking officially who was unfortunately named Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin.

Akaky was a poor guy, but he loved his job. In fact, he loved it so much that all he did when he went home every day was do more work. But there's a problem in this mundane fairy tale: Akaky's coat is falling apart. Simple solution, right? Patch it up and the story's over. Not so fast there, kiddo. This coat is beyond repair, and a new one will cost twice Akaky's salary.

And don't forget—we're talking about Russia here, so just going without a coat is definitely not an option. What's he to do?

We'll tell you. He scrounges by for a couple of months until he has enough money to get a coat made. Wd10eads 00m2b0 Firmware Download. When it's done, it's gorgeous. Something you'd get straight out of the fashion magazines. Everyone at work loves it so much that they even throw him a party.

A coat party. Only in Russia. Oh, we forgot to mention something. Akaky is an awkward loner. So even though he enjoys the party in theory, the noise, people, and drinking get to him.

He leaves the shindig earlier than everyone else, but still later than he's ever gone home. As a poor man in 19th-century Russia, Akaky doesn't exactly live in a safe neighborhood. And you know what can happen to a guy with a fancy new coat in a dangerous neighborhood late at night. Akaky gets mugged. Now the craziness begins. Akaky goes from official to official trying to get someone to investigate the theft of his coat, but no one will work with him.