Nissan 350z Sat Nav Update

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Q Does your JDM sat nav have a DVD player behind the drivers seat? Torrent Proxy Free here. If it does, and you find a UK replacement from eBay (cost between £55 & £100), then it is a straight swap. I did it myself and it takes about 30 minutes. Even better if the replacement still has a sat nav disc inside it. Only problem with this is the keypad controls are still in Japanese, and the Nissan stealers would want £400 for a new one. If you can't work out what each button is used for (if you do find a UK replacement DVD player), then PM me and I can send you the translation.

Update your NISSAN navigation system with the latest map. Choose a year. Money and fuel and get updated maps for your sat nav today. Nurrish sat nav system for 350Z. How to Remove Radio / Stereo / Navigation from 2003 Nissan 350Z for. How to Update Your In-Car Navigation.

Just had a quote from Cartronics in Surrey to convert my JDM sat nav and sort the frequency out on the radio to UK spec. They said they can convert the radio so it displays UK frequencies as you tune the radio which you may not get with the band shifter option, they said this is a more reliable option, it will cost £230, considering you can get a band shifter for a few pounds on Ebay i'm not sure if £230 is worthwhile paying. The sat nav conversion utilising the current JDM unit can be modified but it will cost £1200 to do. They said they will do the sat nav and radio conversion for £1300 in total if i want both done together.

They will have it all done the same day. Below is an e-mail from them about an integrated system they could install ripping out the JDM sat nav. However i really want to utilise the cubby hole space that already houses the factory fitted JDM sat nav, which this new system does not do. The new system would utilise the space where the current bose cd payer/cassette recorder is located. Do you think this whole package is worth it? Hi Selina You could pop a UK sat nav box in the car (you do need to modify a few things) but this is quite expensive (more than conversion). If you do want to convert the radio it may be a better option to: Replace the stereo with a 7’ Sat Nav(touch screen) radio/DVD/CD/iPod traffic master + Bluetooth unit!