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OrcaFlex Demo You can download the demonstration version (10.2b) and a selection of example files from this web site. To do this: • Download the OrcaFlex demo version (23.3 MB) and extract the files. To install the program, run Setup.exe.

You can then run the demonstration version by clicking the Windows Start button and selecting Programs/Orcina Software/OrcaFlex Demo. • The help file contains a short introductory tutorial that we recommend you read through as you investigate OrcaFlex - select Tutorial on the OrcaFlex Help menu. • The help file also describes the wide range of example cases that are provided - see Examples in the OrcaFlex help file contents. We strongly recommend that you choose and download several of the, so that you can see how OrcaFlex presents results. The demonstration version provides all the facilities of the full version except that no analyses can be performed and you cannot print or save. It allows you to build models, edit the data, view the model in full 3D and see the full help file. You can also examine the results of pre-run simulations, and a wide range of are provided.

This can be particularly useful if you need to show system replays, results graphs etc. To a client who does not have an OrcaFlex licence. Demo This document is maintained by Copyright © 2018 Orcina Ltd., Daltongate, Cumbria, LA12 7AJ, UK Company no. 1996191, registered in England & Wales Last Modified: 9 th January 2018.

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