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Patch Chrono Trigger Ds ArChrono Trigger Ds Action Replay

Fix para Chrono Trigger. Quem tem flashcard com suporte a cheat (action replay). Quem preferir pode usar o programinha 'DS Auto Trainer Maker'. Nov 27, 2008 You may notice the patcher has a slight Chrono Trigger flavor. Henri Fayol General And Industrial Management. Both as a patcher and as an action replay code. Chrono Trigger DS (USA). R4 Roms & R4 Game download. Except the R4 kernel, you should also download some R4 Roms & R4 game, and put them to the TF card. Currently, almost all DS and DSi games.

Maybe it's just me, but the Consumable Items (Recovery Items) don't show up in my Item Encyclopedia after I use the code. Another thing that I've noticed is that when it is activated. Potion/Hi-Potion Ether/Hi-Ether Have two sets, so the four of them repeat near the end of the menu for recovery items. It also does the same with Accessories too, and adds two that I believe aren't usable/don't do anything. 'Accessory' and 'Seraph's Song' The code posted by minion set the recovery item starting the 5th slot of recovery item window, not 1st. What this means is that when you press select at item screen, it sets the 5th item to potion, 6th to Mid-potion, etc. However, at the moment you press select you also forces the game to sort the item as well.

As such, potion is moved to the first slot - while select is still being held - and the 5th slot is still modified as potion = thus you now have duplicate items. Here is the item modifier code, created from Minion's codes. Accessories (Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 D508001 C00002D D602Ee4 D400001 D200000 i dont know why but this code isnt working & i only have this one turned on. Code request: max stats all members ifin hp/mp all members 1 hit Ko ememies For all accessories use this code: Accessories (Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 D503001 C00002F D602EE4 D400001 D200000 The one in Minion's post is wrong as it puts all the weapons in the accessories slot. Here are a couple of codes I found on GameFAQs: Have All Cats 221C0053 000000FF Max Cat Food(Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 221C005F 000000FF 221C021C 000000FF D000000 To explain the reason for these codes(from an FAQ on GameFAQs: Q: How do you obtain cats? And how many can you have?

A: You can obtain cats by winning the mini-games of Norstein Bekkler in the Tent of Horrors in Leene Square. See the Mini-Games section of this FAQ to see how to play those mini-games. Also, if you get enough cat food, you'll eventually get more cats. You can have up to a total of 11 cats in this game.