Pi Kappa Alpha Risk Awareness Handbook

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Pi Kappa Alpha Chapter List

Pi Kappa Alpha made a. Brother Brian Sweeny was selected as Alpha Delta Pi Sweetheart: Pi Kappa Alpha participated in a. Pi Kappa Alpha, also known as PIKE. Risk Awareness: Cullen Staton. Cullen Staton from Henderson, Texas is a senior with a double major in Accounting and Finance. Student Organization Handbook. Risk Management. ULM’s Pi Kappa Alpha chapter wins international Smythe award. Published August 0. Members of the University of Louisiana at Monroe’s Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) chapter. Pi Kappa Alpha Risk Awareness Handbook Template. By mere existence these organizations were defying the odds; the founding women were able to advance their.

The Sergeant-at-Arms will usually chair the meetings of the judicial committee as necessary. The judicial committee typically has the role of censuring, suspending or fining members for their failure to uphold chapter policies or expectations. Fender Stratocaster Serial Number Z9.

The committee could also recommend the expulsion of a member, which would require a chapter vote. The decisions of the judicial committee are typically subject to review and/or modification by the executive council. The judicial committee typically has at least four members, not including the Sergeant-at-Arms. The treasurer chairs the finance committee which usually contains three other members with roles such as: Receivables Chairman: Discusses financial obligations with all prospective members; collects membership contracts and, with the house manager, collects all housing contracts; coordinates collection efforts with third-party service providers (e.g. University billing department or companies such as Omega Financial, Inc.) if applicable. Payables Chairman: Balances the chapter's checkbook; ensures that all checks require dual signatures (typically president and treasurer); reimburses committee chairmen for approved expenses.

Reports Chairman: Develops and distributes the monthly financial reports to members, officers and committee chairmen. The treasurer, assisted by the finance committee, typically leads the chapter in the development of its budget. That process usually includes the following steps: • Completion of chapter goal setting retreat. • Solicitation of budget requests from officers and chairmen. • Development of draft budgets (separate budgets for operations, housing and kitchen), taking into account the priorities established during the goal setting retreat.

• Presentation of draft budgets to the executive council for discussion and revision if necessary. • Presentation of draft budgets to the chapter for ratification, emphasizing consistency with goal setting retreat. The new member educator is charged with being a teacher for the new members of the Fraternity. The new member educator is typically the main liaison between the chapter and the new member class. As new member educator, you will educate the new members on subjects involving the Fraternity history, the True PIKE values, and guide them through a recommended new member program of 8 weeks or less.