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• • • • • • • • • • • • • Website Members • • • Past members • • Vince 'Perm' Parker • Peter Libby • Robbie Bean • Tim 'Curveball' Wright • • Primus is an American band based in, currently composed of bassist/vocalist, guitarist and drummer. Primus originally formed in 1984 with Claypool and guitarist, later joined by drummer, though the latter two departed the band at the end of 1988.

Frizzle Fry

Featuring LaLonde and Alexander, Primus recorded their debut in 1989, followed by four studio albums:,,, and. Alexander left the band in 1996, replaced by, and Primus went on to record the original theme song for the TV show and two more albums, and, before declaring a hiatus in 2000. In 2003, Claypool and LaLonde reunited with Alexander and released a DVD/EP,, before touring sporadically through 2009. In 2010, Lane rejoined Primus, replacing Alexander, and the band released their seventh album,, in 2011.

In 2013, Lane left the band to focus on other projects, and Tim Alexander rejoined once again. They have released some of their records on Claypool's own label. Primus is characterized by its irreverent, quirky approach to music. Once remarked: '[Primus is] quite possibly the strangest band ever, and good for them. Tamil 5.1 Dts Mp3 Songs Downloding. ' Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Band history [ ] The early years and Frizzle Fry (1984–90) [ ] Primus began as Primate in, in 1984 with singer and bassist, guitarist, and a drum machine. The duo initially had trouble finding a drummer, until Claypool's friend Vince 'Perm' Parker returned home from a stint in the army, and together the three of them recorded their first demo, financed by Claypool selling his car. Radiohead Ok Computer Rar 320 Ranch.

They Can't All Be Zingers: The Best of Primus includes 16 digitally remastered songs that span the band's career. In November 2006. Full list of Primus songs, sorted alphabetically by name. You can also sort the list of songs by year recorded (from oldest to newest, and from most recent to first.

Primate changed their name to Primus after 'about a month' when they were approached by a group called the Primates threatening legal action over the similarity of their names. Parker was soon replaced by the band's second drummer, Peter Libby, who was himself replaced by Robbie Bean, before the band eventually settled on Tim 'Curveball' Wright in 1986. After rising to fame in the local music scene with their brand of funk metal fusion, reaching the point where they were 'selling out ', Wright left Primus in the summer of 1988 to be replaced by, drummer with the, who were 'getting dicked around by their record company', as Claypool later described it. After recording another demo, titled Sausage, Lane left Primus at the end of 1988 when 'something good happened' with the Freaky Executives' record deal.

Huth also left the band soon after, wishing to dedicate more time to his family. In 1987, Primus was put on hold briefly and Claypool rejoined his former band,, who at the time also featured one-time student and ex- guitarist. Claypool recruited LaLonde to reform Primus together with, drummer with the -based group, and a month later, the trio recorded their first album: (1989), a live recording culled from two of their Berkeley concerts, funded by a loan from Claypool's father. (who later joined the band in 1996) was briefly a member of the band during this time period, before a broken foot forced him to leave the group. In 1990, the band released their first studio album,, and released singles for ' and '. With a music video featuring, a studio album and a tour with, Primus' popularity grew to the point where they attracted attention from, who signed them in 1990.

Seas of Cheese, Pork Soda and Tales from the Punchbowl (1991–96) [ ] Primus's major label debut was the album. The album was supported by the singles ' and ', both of which appeared on MTV.

A third single, ', was also released but did not feature a video. The band appeared as contestants for the in and made music for a tribute album with a song entitled 'Poetry and Prose'. With a major label behind them, Sailing the Seas of Cheese went gold. The band then toured in support of,,,, and. After the release of Sailing the Seas of Cheese, in 1992 Primus released a, with their version of 's 'Making Plans for Nigel' receiving enough airplay to reach No. 30 on 's Modern Rock Tracks chart.