Revere 718 8mm Projector Manual

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THE MANUAL SECTIONS IS NOT AVAILEBLE! Projector Revere 718 regular 8mm Bolex 18-5 Bolex 521 16mm Bell & Howell 385 16mm. Ewa backwinder ( french ) fujica. Demonstration video by Daytona Vintage Market. The Revere AZ 718 is an 8mm Projector made by Revere / 3M around 1961. Here we demonstrate it with a 1950s. Would be interested in any other lenses that will fit this projector. Also instruction manual. Any other sources for a power cord for a Revere 8mm Projector. Revere 718 automatic 8mm projector (1). Bell & howell 370 8mm projector service & parts manual - revised december. Projectors & supplies. Serving Photo Collectors Since 1969 (Research on American Photographers 1839-1860) e-mail address: (860) 496-9791P.O.BOX 1637,TORRINGTON, CT 06790FAX: (860) 496-0664 TOLL-FREE ORDERING (US Only) 1-877-572-3686 • CONTACT, ORDER INFORMATION BOOTH NOW LOOK PHOTOGRAPHIC LITERATURE • • • • • • • PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES • • • • • • • • RECOMMENDED BROWSING • • • • • • OWN A PROJECTOR BUT DON'T KNOW WHAT LAMP IT TAKES? THIS LIST MIGHT HELP. • • • • • AND HERE'S THE 3-D STUFF • • • • • • • FREE RESEARCH/REFERENCE • • • • • • • • • • • • • An internet scam with a delayed reaction Information about my office hours, extended times I may be on business or holiday trips, or collector's shows I may be attending will be found on my home page.

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