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Adult Entrance Requirements for the Vocational Nursing Pathway • Students must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or its equivalent. • Applicants must also have successfully completed the initial phase of the North Orange County ROP Fundamentals of Nursing I course or equivalent. • The minimum grade point average of applicants must be 2.0 (C) or better to be granted credit for any course work. • Admission to the program is based on a points system. The application rubric chart explains the points system.. • In order to receive points, applicants must submit transcripts of all education coursework completed, verification of recent work experience in the health field (within last 5 years), and health-related certifications.

Career Technical Education Unit provides classes through its Regional Occupational Program. In coordination with Riverside County School Districts. LVN programs – Riverside County Allnurses Four d collee.colton 5 nothe west college.riverside care institute Rancho Cucamonga, still offers CNA, LVN and RN programs.

Yamaha Motif Xs Rapidshare Downloader. All items for points must be submitted during Fundamentals of Nursing I. Adult Nursing Program Timeline • Register in person a the campus, 1617 E.

Ball Road, Anaheim, 92805. Take Fundamental of Nursing I. • This 82-hour prerequisite (fee-based adult class) is 11 weeks long. Class has start dates in January and May.

Schedule a screening interview for the 13-Month Vocational Nursing Program (after Fundamentals of Nursing I). • Depending on the number of high school students accepted, and the results of the adult points competition, a score of 70 points or above is usually acceptable.. Begin the 13-Month VN Program in October or June. • T he program has starting dates in both October or June. Graduate in December or July, depending when you start.

• Students starting in October graduate in December of the following year. • Students starting in June graduate in July of the following year. VN Program cost is subject to change. • Revised cost sheet is pending. • ROP does not provided financial aid for the program. Are you just starting the Nursing Pathway?

Following are some suggestions to help you build points quickly. • The Nursing Pathway point system has be developed to ensure that you have the medical background needed for success in the Vocational Nursing Program. You may already have points!

To find out additional points you may have. Medical Core • Medical Core is an important prerequisite class. There is a fee-based Medical Core (online hybrid class) available to adults. No points apply to the VN program for taking the class, however. Medical Core also is a prerequisite for Nursing Assistant - Long Term Care, and Medical Assistant, Back Office. The 9-week class begins every November, January, April, and June. Nursing Assistant - Long Term Care • Taking this class is worth 5 points, and getting state certification is worth an additional 5 points that may apply to the VN program (for a total of ten points).

• This 9-week class runs daytime, Monday-Thursday, and begins every 9 weeks: September, November, January, April, and potentially in June. Total cost for adults is $1775. Work part-time as a CNA for at least one month • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) experience may be worth 5 points for the VN program Nursing Pathway career ladder. CNA Acute Care (Nursing Assistant Certification is a prerequisite for this) • Successful completion of this Nursing Assistant, (CNA) Acute Care class has a value of 5 points as applied to the Nursing Pathway. • This 9-week class runs 7:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday-Thursday, and begins every 9 weeks. Fee for adults is $60 plus physical and uniform. Home Health Aide (Not offered by NOCROP.

Search the Internet for a nearby course.) • Completion of this course has a value of 5 points as applied to the Nursing Pathway. A prerequiste for the class is Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Medical Assistant, Back Office (clinical) • Taking this course is worth 5 points upon completion, and an additional 5 points can be earned for taking the state or national exam for certification. Gem Wk3 Operating Disk For Hp. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) • This courses is worth 5 points upon completion and an additional 5 points can be earned for taking the state or national exam for certification. Labor Market: According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, LVNs will experience 22% job growth between 2010 and 2020.