Saccharine Trust Paganicons Rarest

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Saccharine Trust Paganicons RarestSaccharine Trust Paganicons Rarest

Contents • • • • • Release and reception [ ] Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating In, of ranked Paganicons as his ninth favorite record. Critic John Dougan was less enthusiastic, noting Brewer's performance as a primary detractor. However, he wrote that 'there are indications that there's an interesting band here, especially in the abrasive guitar playing of Joe Baiza.'

Track listing [ ] All tracks written by and Jack Brewer. Title Length 1. 'Community Lie' 1:25 3. 'Effort to Waste' 2:26 4. 'Mad at the Co.' 'I Am Right' 2:21 Side two No. Title Length 1.

'We Don't Need Freedom' 1:26 2. 'Success and Failure' 1:28 3. 'A Human Certainty' 5:10 Personnel [ ].

Our Blog Saccharine Trust “Paganicons” (SST, 1981) As well known as SST may be in America courtesy of releases by the near unswayable Black Flag and underground rock staples Minutemen, Meat Puppets and Sonic Youth, much of their roster still goes unnoticed. And even when Saccharine Trust got name-dropped by Kurt Cobain they still managed to slip into the ether. Not that SacTrust really made it easy on themselves; their brand of rock isn’t as dope-smoking friendly as their more popular San Pedro brethren or the Puppets. Superduper 2 8 Serial. Their first release “Paganicons” is actually about as conventional as it gets for them, and it’s still a challenge; but this EP is also tight interplay, great changes and aberrant lyrical prose from front to back. Vocalist Jack Brewer comes across as if he’s just breaking through pubescence (that would change), or belting out his voice for the first time in his life, and his way of delivering just-so stories differs greatly from any other known punk rock affiliate of the day.