Software Serial Esp8266 Pinout

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Software Serial Esp8266 PinoutEsp8266 Driver

Power Pins The ESP8266 requires 3.3V power voltage and peaks at 500mA or so of current for small periods of time. You'll want to assume the ESP8266 can draw up to 250mA so budget accordingly. To make it easier to power, we put a high-current-capable 3.3V voltage regulator on the board. It can take 3.4-6V in but you should stick to 4-6V since the ESP8288 has high current usage when WiFi is on.

There are two inputs for the regulator, V+ and VBat. Both have Schottky diodes so you can connect both at different voltages and the regulator will simply power from the higher voltage. The V+ pin is also on the FTDI/serial header at the bottom edge. We recommend connecting your LiPoly or AA battery pack directly to VBat and then keeping V+ unused for when an FTDI cable is attached. You can also use the extra V+ pin for getting the 5V USB power from the FTDI connector for servos, NeoPixels, etc! There's also a 3. Serial Bewerbungsmaster Professional 2012 Movie. 3V output from the regulator available on the 3V pin.

GPIO pins This breakout has 9 GPIO: #0, #2, #4, #5, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16 all GPIO are 3.3V logic level in and out, and are not 5V compatible. Read the to learn more about the GPIO pin limits, but be aware the maximum current drawn per pin is 12mA.