Sonicwall Registration Code Keygens

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What is the authentication code? The authentication code is a set of 8 characters in the format XXXX-XXXX. Each authentication code corresponds to the Serial Number of the device it is generated for, and each Serial Number has only one authentication code.

The authentication code is present on all new SonicWall products beginning with the SOHO TZW. The authentication code is not applicable to MailFrontier and Lasso Logic branded products. How does the authentication code help me?

Sonicwall Registration Update Needed

The authentication code protects your serial number from being incorrectly entered by you or another user. On the MySonicWall site, this is required only when you register your product. Where can I find the authentication code? This can be found on: • The Silver Label on the bottom exterior of your unit. • The System Information Tab at System >Status once you log into your firmware. • The bottom of the product packaging. What is the authentication code for SonicWall / Aventail Appliances?

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The authentication code is the hardware identifier for the appliance you purchased. For an EX-2500, EX-1600, EX-1500, or EX-750, this is the MAC address of the internal (eth0) network port. • If you purchased an appliance with version 9.0.x or later of the software, you can find the authentication code in AMC, the Aventail Management Console: click General Settings in the main navigation menu, and then make a note of the Authentication code in the Licensing area.

You must supply this code in order to obtain a valid license. • If you have an earlier version of the appliance software (pre-v9.0.x) and want to upgrade to version 9.0.x or later, you must supply the authentication code and obtain a new license. For users who are upgrading to 9.0.0: To upgrade to version 9.0.0, your appliance must be running a version between 8.7.0 and 8.9.0.

If you know how to obtain the MAC address for eth0, you can supply it to the Web site and obtain your license before upgrading the appliance software. If you are not comfortable doing this, use the following steps: • Download this script package:. • From the main navigation menu in AMC, click Maintenance, and then click Update. • On the Update page, type the path of the script package you downloaded in step 1, or click Browse to locate it. • Click Install Upgrade. Executing the script will result in an error for failure to upgrade: this is the expected result. • From the main navigation menu in AMC, click Logging, and then select Management message log from the Log file drop-down list.

• You will see some new messages. Two of them are the expected error messages from the failed upgrade in step 4. A third message will read Appliance authentication code: xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Copy and paste this number into the Web page. Note: These steps use the upgrade infrastructure in AMC to generate a log message containing the authentication code. This script does not change your appliance software: it does not install any software, change any installed components, or change the version of the appliance software. If you have more than one appliance to be upgraded to v9.0.x, repeat these steps for each one; this includes each node of an HA pair.

Be sure to match the serial number to the authentication code on for each appliance; you can check the serial number of the appliance in the lower-left corner of any AMC page. Once you apply the 9.0.x upgrade, the appliance will continue to function normally for 72 hours without a new license. If you prefer, you can perform the upgrade and then obtain the authentication code and license as though the appliance were new. This requires logging back into after the upgrade is complete.