Stree Teri Kahani Star Cast

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Stree Teri Kahani Star Cast

Running time 115 minutes Country India Language Hindi Budget ₹300 million Box office ₹540 million Teri Meri Kahaani (English: The Story of You and Me) is a 2012 Indian directed. And, who also co-starred in in 2009, portray three couples from three different eras. In 1910, they are two star-crossed lovers during the; in 1960 Mumbai, a popular actress and a struggling musician; and in 2012 London, two university students. Kohli conceived Teri Meri Kahaani from the idea of soulmates, showing the strength of love beyond generations by having the same two actors portray all three couples without using a theme. He co-wrote the film with. Muneesh Sappel created three sets for depicting the different time periods, requiring months of research and detailed designs.

The Bollywood hit show Stree Teri Kahani cast is a wide range of talent. They are Vikas Sethi, Narayani Shastri, Jennifer Winget, Roopali Ganguli, Swini Khare, Abhinaya, Aishawarya, Ali Asgar, Amay Pandya, Amit Tandyon, Ashita Dhawan, and more. Stree Teri Kahani Cast. Kapoor in the TV serial Stree Teri Kahani produced by Saira Banu on DD National at 1230 p. Stree Teri Kahani was a serial. We love Ravi Dubey as Siddharth Khurana in Jamai Raja. The hysterical character makes sure we are entertained throughout the screening of the show. No wonder, he and Nia Sharma make an awesome onscreen couple. Serial stree teri kahani dd national title.HD Video.

Began in Mumbai in mid-2011 and later moved to London, where it was primarily shot at the of the and. Composed the soundtrack with lyrics. The film was released on 22 June 2012 to mixed reviews from critics, receiving praise mostly for the performances of the lead pair and their chemistry, the music and the production design, especially the re-creation of 1960s Mumbai. Made on a budget of ₹300 million, the film grossed ₹540 million.

Although it underperformed at the domestic box office, it fared well in the overseas market. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • Plot [ ] In 1960, aspiring musician Govind () and popular superstar Ruksar () meet on a train heading to.

Ruksar had run away from her home with her best friend to become a film star. The two bond over their careers but part ways after arriving in Bombay. Govind befriends Radhika (), a confident and modern girl, who is charmed by his simplicity.

Ruksar and Govind meet again and hit it off at a party, but Govind notices a photo journalist following them. Barbie As The Island Princess Sub Indo here. He holds Radhika's hand to mislead the journalist, unaware that Radhika has fallen in love with him.

Radhika is the best friend Ruksar had run away with, and the two tell each other about the man they've fallen in love with, not realising he is the same person. When Ruksar, Radhika and Govind all meet, the three realise what happened and brokenheartedly part ways. In in 2012, college students Krish and Radha meet after Krish breaks up with his girlfriend, Meera (), on his birthday. After a misunderstanding between Krish and Radha is cleared, they become friends and spend time getting to know each other. When Meera learns that Krish is with Radha, she angrily uploads embarrassing photos of him to Facebook that go. Radha learns that Krish spent the night with her on his birthday only two hours after he broke up with Meera, but when she tries to talk to him, he is too busy retaliating against Meera.

Frustrated and heartbroken, Radha leaves. The film rewinds to 1910 during the times of the. Javed, a womaniser with a talent for reciting poetry, meets Aradhana, a young woman in the village, while being chased by the police. They become acquainted, but Javed's flirty nature upsets Aradhana. Javed insists she is special and focuses all his attention on her. He joins Aradhana's father in a protest for, but when officers begin to physically abuse the protestors, Javed hides while Aradhana's father is beaten.

Aradhana is disgusted with him. Digital Performer Drum Patch. To appease her, Javed allows himself to be beaten and arrested in front of her.

She visits him in jail and tells him their love cannot happen, but he asks her to wait. Three months later, Javed is freed, but he learns that Aradhana was married a month before.